The Athens high-asset divorce lawyers from Charlotte Christian Law help clients navigate the divorce process, guiding them from start to finish. We handle high-asset divorces while many firms shy away from them. Valuing and protecting assets is a key part of managing these divorces. We focus on our client’s interests during the property division process.

Charlotte Christian Law offers no-obligation evaluations for potential clients. You can speak with a team member about your circumstances. These evaluations are confidential, and no one will ever know we spoke unless you tell them. Our Athens divorce lawyers are here to help you understand your options, strategize, and protect your interests during this challenging period. Call today to begin.

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Charlotte Christian Law Represents Clients in Athens High-Asset Divorces

High Asset Divorce Lawyer in Athens Alabama

We represent individuals contending with family law matters in Athens. We understand how difficult and stressful it is to deal with divorce, custody matters, child support, and other similar issues. We are here to help, guiding you through the process from start to finish.

We also represent clients in modifying alimony, visitation, custody, or child support. One of the things that you generally cannot change after a divorce is property division, however. This makes it essential to get it right the first time, especially when there are high assets to deal with.

Our Team Fights for Your Assets

Our divorce attorneys have decades of experience managing divorces like yours. We know the judges and workers in the Athens courts, how the process works, and how to secure the best possible outcomes. Over the years, we have secured beloved family homes, valuable collections, key investments, and other property for our clients.

Our goal is to always ensure the judge, spouse, and others hear your voice. We protect you from any parties that may attempt to take advantage of the situation—and that includes your soon-to-be ex, their attorneys, and other invested parties.

Our Athens Divorce Lawyers Protect Your Interests During Property Division

Athens Alimony Attorney

With a few exceptions, all assets gained during a marriage belong to both parties. Judges overseeing Athens divorces must distribute community assets and debts fairly between you and your spouse. Note that equitable does not mean equally. The court considers many factors when determining how to divide property and assets.

In many cases, it is advantageous for our clients to negotiate an agreement with their spouse about property division. This keeps the case out of the courtroom, gives us more control over the outcome, and often prevents some of the antagonistic feelings following the divorce.

However, some details could help our client secure additional assets in the divorce. Judges have discretion to award additional assets to one spouse if the other participated in marital misconduct that contributed to the divorce.

Alimony in High-Asset Divorce Cases: How Does It Work?

At Charlotte Christian Law, we understand how spousal support laws work. There are strict rules about when and for how long a spouse can receive alimony. It is not available in all divorces, but a long-term marriage with high assets is more likely to have some types of support orders than short marriages. When considering alimony in a high-asset divorce, the court could award:

  • A one-time payment to cover some assets following the property division
  • Alimony for a short period until one spouse buys a house or finishes a degree
  • Permanent alimony in long-term marriages where one spouse cannot pay for their previous lifestyle alone

The most common alimony ordered in these cases occurs during the pending divorce. The courts grant these temporary orders to ensure the receiving party can pay bills and make ends meet during this process. When our attorneys represent a client in a divorce where alimony is a key issue, we pursue that case with everything in our legal arsenal. We know how divorce laws work in the state, the conditions that usually support awarding alimony, and how to build a strong case.

Valuation of Assets Is Key During an Athens High-Asset Divorce

At Charlotte Christian Law, our attorneys know how to identify, value, and document assets during a divorce. We believe these are key steps in protecting our clients’ rights to fair compensation in a high-asset divorce. We often help them take stock of their community property and identify any investments before they file.

If we do not have this opportunity, we need to gather information about assets and identify them through the discovery process. We use interrogatories and depositions to learn about all the accounts, investments, and other valuables in the couple’s community property.

This sometimes requires us to hire forensic accountants and other experts to value the community property. We have large networks of professionals we can call on in these cases. However, some things are more difficult to value than others. We may need to identify a subject-matter expert to help us understand the value of some collections. This is common when a couple has wine, guitars, antique cars, supercars, art, antiques, and other similar collections.

Measures While Considering Legal Help

If this is your first time divorcing, you may wonder about your next steps. While the following considerations aren’t necessary, they could make the upcoming legal process easier. We suggest that you:

  • Keep all divorce-related information confidential. You don’t want to discuss sensitive aspects of your divorce with other parties, including close family members. Only you and your legal team need to know about your divorce’s intimate details. Doing so could jeopardize our legal strategy.
  • Don’t badmouth your ex—especially to your children. You have every right to feel depressed, discouraged, or angry while divorcing. Yet, sharing negative feelings with your minor children could complicate custodial arrangements later on.
  • Start a no-obligation evaluation. Charlotte Christian Law has attorneys on staff who know exactly what you’re going through. Some of us are children of divorce. Others have been through the divorce process themselves. You can expect to connect with a compassionate representative who can answer your questions during a no-obligation discussion.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Our Athens High-Asset Divorce Lawyers

We included some of the most common questions for Athens divorce attorneys. For more specific answers based on the facts of your case, feel free to connect with our team.

What Is an Uncontested Divorce?

When spouses can agree on all aspects of a divorce, matters can be straightforward. Here, we draw up an agreement where you and your soon-to-be ex agree on custodial matters, alimony, and property division. Then, we submit the agreement to the family law judge, who usually approves it. Yet, many high-asset divorces are complicated matters. That’s because these are high-stakes matters, sometimes involving thousands of dollars in property. Regardless of whether you’re pursuing a contested or uncontested divorce, our team stands ready to help you.

What Are the Valid Reasons for Divorce in Athens?

Our state recognizes both no-fault and fault-based grounds for divorce. There are two no-fault grounds. The most common reasons used for an Athens divorce are:

  • Irretrievable breakdown of the marriage
  • Incompatibility

You do not have to prove either of these grounds to get an Athens divorce. Simply stating you want a divorce is enough to show these grounds exist. If you file based on fault grounds, however, you need evidence. Our team can help with the evidence-collection process. The acceptable fault-based grounds include:

  • Your spouse cheated on you.
  • Your spouse has/had a substance abuse problem.
  • Your spouse is physically and incurably incapacitated.
  • Your spouse has a mental health condition that causes institutionalization or is incurable.
  • Your spouse abandoned you for at least a year.
  • Your spouse is serving a long-term prison sentence.

There are some benefits to pursuing a fault-based divorce. For instance, you could receive more property than you would in a no-fault divorce. You could also hold your former spouse accountable for any wrongdoing that occurred during the marriage, granting you some sense of closure.

Do I Need an Attorney to Handle My Athens Divorce?

When you hire skilled Athens divorce attorneys, you have someone on your side. This is someone who knows how the divorce process works, how to fight for your objectives, and how to protect your interests. Even when you file for an uncontested divorce, having an attorney handle matters is a good idea. Our lawyers know what the judges will approve and how to structure the paperwork according to their standards. You do not want to bring your divorce back to court for approval because of a clerical issue or another hiccup.

How Long Will It Take to Get a Divorce in Athens?

There is no way to put a strict timeline on how long it takes to get a divorce in Athens. There is at least a 30-day cooling off period before a divorce. This gives you and your spouse the opportunity to reconcile, if that’s a possibility. However, when there are high assets, proceedings generally take longer. There’s a lot of back and forth that goes into creating an equitable agreement. Our lawyers also take time to identify and evaluate your assets, allowing us to pursue a fair outcome. One thing’s for certain: our team has the knowledge and experience to combat unnecessary delays. While some divorces admittedly take some time, we don’t allow certain roadblocks to hinder the process. We also keep you updated on your case’s progression, so you always know what’s going on.

How Do I Protect My Assets in an Athens Divorce?

A good way to protect your assets is to consider legal help. When you work with our team, our lawyers guide you through the process and focus on your goals. If this includes protecting your investments or helping you get a prized asset, we prioritize that above all else. Property division in a high-asset divorce is often highly contested. Our team ensures you have access to the money and assets you need after a divorce.

Will I Have to Pay (or Can I Receive) Alimony in My Divorce?

The factors that determine if the court awards alimony in an Athens divorce are not all linked to the value of the assets shared. Some high-asset divorces do not have alimony, and some with relatively low assets include some type of spousal support. The court will consider the needs of each party, their previous lifestyle, and other factors when weighing whether to award alimony.

How Often Do High-Asset Divorces Go to Trial?

Most divorce cases do not go to trial. The parties generally agree on all terms during negotiations or mediation, and the judge approves their agreement. However, cases that go to trial generally have a lot to lose. Divorce trials occur because of contested custody, fights over key assets, and other similar high-stakes decisions that the spouses cannot agree on. There is no way to know if your high-asset divorce will go to trial without reviewing your situation first. If it does, however, you can trust that our team intends to manage all issues surrounding litigation, from your case’s initial filing to its final ruling.

How Can I Learn More About My Legal Options?

Discussing your case with our legal team could set divorce proceedings in motion. When you connect with us, we learn your story and discuss how we can approach your case. Your best interests are at the forefront of our conversation. Our clients call us at different times in the process. Some call after immediately separating from their spouse. Others call after negotiations don’t pan out. So, their current situations play a role in what their next steps will be. Our team is here to go to work and guide you through the process. We offer support, advice, and representation.

Athens High-Asset Divorce Attorneys, Charlotte Christian

Discuss Your Athens High-Asset Divorce With One of Our Representatives

Our family law team provides no-obligation evaluations. We can discuss your case today and learn more about your options. We can also protect you and your children if there is abuse or threats. Leaving is difficult, but sometimes, it is necessary. Contact us today by dialing (866) 349-2931. We are here to help you navigate the process and manage your options during this difficult time.

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