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The only thing worse than a bad marriage is a bad divorce.

Protect your future and divorce with dignity with a divorce attorney from Charlotte Christian Law.

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The only thing worse than a bad marriage is a bad divorce.
Tenacious Advocacy
Crystal Clear Guidance
Personalized Legal Strategy

Untie the knot without losing your cool…or your future.

Listen, there is no shame in calling it quits. You were sold a white picket fence, but life gets messy. We know you didn’t plan for your marriage to end this way.

But don’t let a bad divorce ruin your future.

A bad divorce can cost you your assets, children’s custody, and financial stability. Don’t let an unfair settlement ruin your life.

Our experienced attorneys specialize in protecting your rights and ensuring that you are treated fairly in the divorce process. Trust the team from the Law Offices of Charlotte Christian and Associates to fight for you and your future.

Divorce isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to be a disaster.

Get a tenacious advocate dedicated to your interests with the Law Offices of Charlotte Christian and Associates.

Be Heard

We’ll take the time to listen and understand you, your challenges, and your goals.

Get Clear Guidance

We’ll help develop a clear step-by-step plan to get you through to the other side.

Be Protected

We’ll make sure you are protected and treated fairly throughout the legal process.

You can’t move on if you don’t move forward.

Take the first step to a new future today.


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You’re more than just a file.

At the Law Offices of Charlotte Christian and Associates, we take a holistic approach to family law.

We take time to understand more than just your file. We strive to understand you as a person. We’ll listen to your concerns, understand your unique situation, and work with you to develop a personalized legal strategy that fits your needs.

We know every case is different, and we’re here to help you make informed decisions about important family law matters such as property division, child custody, spousal support, and more. Our divorce attorneys are skilled negotiators and litigators and will fight for your rights and interests in court.

With the team from the Law Offices of Charlotte Christian and Associates by your side, you can be confident that you’ll be able to emerge from this challenging time with your dignity intact. So, whether you’re looking to end a bad marriage or just want to make sure you’re treated fairly in the process, we’re here to help.

Don’t let the end of your marriage be the end of your life.

Let us guide you through it with the support, knowledge, and legal counsel you need to move forward.

Our Practice Areas

Feel heard and protected with attorneys who have experience in all aspects of family law.


We offer a full range of services for our clients who are going through a divorce and work tirelessly to protect your family, your property, and your financial assets.
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Child Custody

Child custody negotiations are often the most difficult part of a divorce. We protect what matters most by keeping the best interest of the child front and center.
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Division of Assets

Equitable division of assets doesn’t necessarily mean split 50/50. Ensure your assets are divided fairly and that you understand the process with our team at your side.
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Alimony can have a long-term impact on your financial security. Make sure you have a no-nonsense advocate in your corner to defend your interests.
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Meet the Founder

Charlotte Christian

Charlotte Christian, Esq. is a family and divorce lawyer and the founder of The Law Offices of Charlotte Christian and Associates. She has her JD from Faulkner University and an LLM in Trial Advocacy from Temple.

Charlotte is committed to helping those who have experienced loss overcome their hardships and build a new life, stronger and more resilient than they were before.

No stranger to trauma herself, including enduring the sudden losses of her father while a young child and husband after 10 years of marriage, Charlotte knows what it means practically and legally to put the pieces in place to create a future filled with security, hope, and opportunity, and find happiness once again. These experiences and the wisdom gained from them drive the compassion with which every attorney in the The Law Offices of Charlotte Christian and Associates Group approaches their clients’ cases.

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