When one partner holds a professional degree and earns considerably more than the other, it causes unique challenges during a divorce. Complications can extend to each partner’s contributions to the marriage, the money spent for the degree, and who supported the household financially. An Athens divorce for professionals lawyer from our team can address these concerns and navigate the divorce process.

At Charlotte Christian Law, our Athens divorce attorneys guide our clients through divorce proceedings from start to finish. We provide no-obligation evaluations, so you can learn more about your rights, options, and other considerations. Call us today to get started.

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What to Expect During Your No-Obligation Evaluation


You may have reservations about starting your no-obligation evaluation with our team—mostly because you don’t know what to expect. This conversation is your opportunity to share your story with us. We want to learn about your marriage, your relationship with your soon-to-be ex, and legal goals. You can also get answers to some of your questions, including:

  • How long does a divorce in Athens take?
  • What can I expect from the legal process?
  • Why should I partner with a divorce lawyer for professionals?
  • What can I do to make my divorce smoother?
  • What possible complications could I anticipate?
  • What are the benefits of partnering with our family law firm?

We aim to put your mind at ease during this challenging time—and we do that by leaving no question unanswered. Your no-obligation evaluation isn’t your only chance to ask questions, however. During our partnership, you can call our team at any time with your concerns or inquiries. Our lawyers want to supply all the answers you need, so you can make informed decisions.

We Understand the Unique Concerns of Athens Divorce for Professionals

When someone with a professional degree gets a divorce, it raises some unique challenges and concerns. This usually depends on whether our client is the professional or their spouse. Our client’s point of view is generally either:

  • They worked hard to earn a degree, they are the family’s primary breadwinner, and they want to protect their time, investment, and reputation.
  • They sacrificed for their spouse to earn a degree, start a business, and work while they did not pursue a degree or career, caring for the family and home instead.

Many professional divorces are also high-asset divorces. The professional has a booming business based on their knowledge and work. They earn significant income and have many investments. Professionals with special considerations during a divorce could include:

  • Doctors, surgeons, and others
  • Dentists
  • Lawyers
  • Professors and researchers
  • Education administrators
  • Engineers
  • Scientists

Our team is here to help if you have concerns about your divorce, regardless of your profession. We know how to navigate this divorce process while keeping your needs and best interests at heart.

Property Distribution During an Athens Divorce for Professionals

State law dictates how divorcing spouses share assets and liabilities. They need to either reach an acceptable and fair agreement, or the judge will issue an order based on equitable distribution laws. At Charlotte Christian Law, our attorneys understand these laws and ensure our clients have access to their fair share of assets during and after a divorce. You must recognize that equitable distribution means a fair split, not an equal one. This is key in divorces involving professionals. We recognize our clients’ goals and work to build a strong case. Some issues we can deal with include:

  • The professional earns more income and, therefore, deserves more assets.
  • The professional owned the business before the marriage, making it sole property.
  • Our client provided financial and emotional support while the professional spouse earned their degree and started their business.
  • The professional benefits financially from their degree and should keep any related debt.
  • Our client provided other types of support in the home instead of working and deserves alimony and fair property distribution.

As divorce attorneys, our focus is on ensuring our clients’ voices are heard. We fight for the best outcome for our clients based on their goals and objectives.

Alimony in an Athens Divorce for Professionals

Our divorce attorneys understand how state law handles alimony. We also know what we need to secure this support for our clients and minimize their obligations. Especially in long-term marriages, alimony is more common. It makes sense when one partner earned money, and the other cared for their children and home.

This is even more obvious when one partner provided emotional or financial support while the other earned a professional degree. Many partners sacrifice their own careers and best interests while supporting their partner. When divorce comes later, the supporting partner is unlikely to have the education or skills to get a job and earn the same salary.

While permanent alimony is rare, our team often helps clients get a one-time or temporary support order that allows them to finish their own degree, establish a new household, or get a job. We also defend our clients against large or lasting alimony orders when they are not fair based on the case’s facts.

Valuing a Degree Could Be Key in Your Divorce for Professionals

At Charlotte Christian Law, we understand why the value of a professional degree is key in a divorce case. In many cases, these degrees also come with significant debt. These degrees could include student loans, business loans, or other debts. Before we can determine what equitable distribution might look like in a divorce for professionals, we need to understand the value of the degree.

Sometimes, we work with economists, vocational experts, and others to understand:

  • How the degree affects the average income for that profession
  • If a certain field of work requires the degree
  • How employable the professional is based on other factors
  • Current market conditions
  • Any related debt

This allows us to consider what constitutes equitable property distribution. The degree holder might need to assume additional debts because they have a higher income, for example.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Athens Divorces for Professionals

We included some of the most frequently asked questions we hear from clients about their divorces. These answers are general, and the answer based on your specific circumstances could be different. If you want to know more or need advice about your next steps, you can start your no-obligation evaluation today.

Can Professionals File an Uncontested Divorce in Athens?

If you and your spouse agree on all major factors of your divorce—property distribution, alimony, child custody, and child support—and want to finalize your divorce in a non-confrontational way, an uncontested divorce might be a good option for you. Uncontested divorces are generally faster, easier, and cheaper than most divorces.

Our attorneys can review your options, including discussing an uncontested divorce with you during your no-obligation evaluation. We provide these consultations so you can learn the pros and cons of these divorces and if they are right for your circumstances

Do I Need an Attorney for My Athens Divorce?

We encourage anyone facing an Athens divorce to hire a knowledgeable divorce attorney to guide them through the process. When we take on a divorce case, we make our client’s voice heard, and we fight for their best interests. This includes understanding and building a case around their goals and objectives, whether that is protecting their assets, getting alimony, or fair visitation with their children.

How Can I Protect My Assets and Income in a Divorce for Professionals?

For professionals facing divorce, protecting their assets is often one of their biggest concerns. First, know that we live in an equitable distribution state. As noted, assets and debts are not split equally, but the courts do look for a fair division. This could mean giving the partner with the highest income the most debts or taking other steps to ensure neither spouse gets the bad end of the deal.

However, our attorneys also know how to build a strong case to protect certain assets and future income during a divorce. There could be options for a negotiated agreement that prevents you from losing many assets or paying alimony, or we could fight on your behalf at trial.

Can My Spouse Take My Business or Future Income?

There are some circumstances when a spouse could receive a prized business in a divorce. However, if your business centers on your skills, your professional degree, and related services, this is unlikely. Only you can run your business under these circumstances. This offers some protection for your business and its future income.

However, there are often trade-offs. You could pay alimony until your spouse gets on their feet or give up other assets to protect your business.

Who Can Get Alimony in an Athens Divorce?

Many people think that alimony is only for wives. That’s not true. Either the husband or wife can request alimony in today’s day and age. There are strict rules for who is eligible for alimony, how long it lasts, and why someone should receive it. The most common type of alimony is only paid during the divorce. One partner must pay the other to cover all household bills and other shared expenses.

Long-term or permanent alimony is generally very rare. It is only available to spouses in long-term marriages with a significant income discrepancy or those who cannot obtain a job and continue living their current lifestyle.

How Often Do Divorces Go to Trial?

Most divorces do not go to trial. They settle through negotiations or mediation before the trial date arrives. However, a trial is often more likely in complex divorces, such as those with high assets or a significant difference in income between the partners.

If you and your partner cannot agree on all terms before the trial date, the judge will hear arguments on any unsettled factors and issue orders to decide them. When our clients’ cases go before a judge, we represent their best interests throughout the process.

Does it Matter Who Files First in an Athens Divorce?

There are advantages and disadvantages to being the spouse who files first in an Athens divorce. Filing first gives you time to prepare, identify assets and investments before you begin, and present your case first in court. However, you also have to be the one who lays your demands out in the complaint.

The spouse who has to respond to the initial filing is the defendant. Someone serves them the paperwork, and they only have a short time to respond. They have access to their spouse’s demands and can counter them line by line if necessary. Our lawyers offer comprehensive legal support to plaintiffs and defendants in divorce proceedings.

My Spouse Filed for Divorce. What Do I Do Now?

When you receive notice that your spouse filed for divorce, you should consider legal help as soon as possible. We can review the complaint and discuss your next steps. Do not delay. You only have a limited time to respond. We can help you during this difficult time.

Our attorneys work with clients who are professionals and those married to someone with a professional degree or high-powered job. We understand the viewpoint of each of these partners, and we help our clients fight for the assets and income they deserve. We protect our clients from unfair legal outcomes in these divorces.

Discuss Your Options With Our Athens Divorce for Professionals Attorneys

Divorce Lawyer, Charlotte Christian

If you have questions or concerns about a divorce involving a professional, our team is here to help. We provide no-obligation evaluations for those contemplating or facing divorce. Our family law attorneys understand this process is never easy. We can develop a plan to fight for a fair legal outcome. No one will ever know you spoke with us unless you choose to move forward with filing for divorce.

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