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Contested Divorce

Sometimes you may not agree on the distribution of the marital assets and that’s alright. We can help you navigate this tough time so that an equitable result can be achieved.

Uncontested Divorce

For an uncontested divorce, typically both parties agree to all of the matters involved in the marriage. If you and your spouse are in agreement, we can help you get divorced quickly and efficiently.

Child Custody

In Alabama, the parent receiving child custody is based upon what the court considers to be “in the best interest of the child.”


If you are a dependent spouse, you may be entitled to spousal support as ordered in the divorce decree.

Military Divorce

If you are getting a military divorce, there are specific rules to follow. Call us for more information so that we may begin helping you.

Child Support

Our family attorneys will develop the right strategy to ensure that your child receives the financial support they deserve.

They took the helm of my bogged down case when the previous attorney threw in the towel. They kept me informed and prepared me for court. The staff performed beyond my expectations. I would rate the overall professionalism of Charlotte as the highest of any Legal firm I have ever had business with.

LTC Matt Green Jr

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Charlotte is so professional and has the best strategy approach in her case.They will make you feel comfortable the first visit and you will leave feeling like your case is a priority to them just as much as it is with you.

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Our Huntsville Divorce Lawyer, family lawyers, and staff are here to serve you and will take the time to understand your individual needs. We understand that divorce and other family law issues are sensitive in nature and frequently cause emotional turmoil. Our attorneys and legal staff are here to help – providing you with strong legal advocacy and family law representation in Alabama.

First of all, no one ever feels like they will end up calling a divorce lawyer. When you’ve gotten married, you thought it was forever. You said “I do” and felt that it would be wedded bliss forever. As you’ve gotten older, you may have felt like the distance between you and your spouse has grown wider. No one expects that the person they love will cheat on them or leave the life that you’ve built together.

If you are feeling distraught, you are not alone. We are here to listen, to help and to be on your side.

A lawyer is merely a phone call away and we will take the time needed to listen to your situation and offer comfort in helping you through this phase of life. If you find that a divorce is your only option, call us and we will lift the burden from your shoulders.

Our Huntsville Divorce Lawyer Cares


So, What Happened?

Over the course of your marriage the jokes became less funny, the nights became colder, the home-cooked meals became fewer, the laundry piled up, money became a problem, sex turned bad, and now you are no longer living with your best friend and soul mate. Your life is forever changed.  You feel abandoned, angry and scared.   What will become of your hopes and dreams? Where do you go from here?

 You can make it through today, and tomorrow, and beyond. There is a light at the end of this dark tunnel. You can rebuild your life.   We can help.  We are Huntsville divorce lawyers who know how to get it done.   Call us.   I promise you will be glad you did.  ~Charlotte Christian, J.D., LL.M.

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