Whether you have a high net worth or your spouse does, it is critical to have a high-asset divorce lawyer on your side during your divorce. High-net-worth divorces have special issues unique to them and, therefore, require the guidance and individual attention from a high-asset divorce lawyer skilled and experienced in navigating any problems that could arise. Fortunately, our Huntsville, Alabama divorce lawyers can handle your high-asset divorce from start to finish.

From our conveniently located Huntsville, Alabama law office, our high-asset divorce lawyers, paralegals, and support staff have the knowledge necessary to handle complex issues common to high-asset cases, including property division, alimony, child support, and child custody to those more nuanced concerns including reputation and privacy.

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Considerations when Hiring a High-asset Divorce Attorney

A high-asset divorce typically refers to divorces that have net liquid assets totaling more than $1,000,00.00. Because there is so much money at stake, tensions often run higher than they would for divorce cases having less in jeopardy financially.

Frequently argued issues among high-net-worth spouses from Huntsville, Alabama include identifying and categorizing assets, valuation, and how a court will ultimately distribute them. Because Alabama is an equitable distribution state for divorce, whether a court will categorize an asset as separate or marital property often becomes the source of vicious disputes in high-asset divorces.

Also, when the financial stakes are high, vying spouses tend to involve other issues for leverage. Those can include emotionally charged matters such as child custody and child support. Fighting about these subjects can escalate quickly, which is why you need a high-asset lawyer who will fiercely protect your interests and those belonging to your children if you have them.

Our Huntsville, Alabama high-asset divorce lawyers have a lot of experience handling the complexities characteristic of high-asset cases. Don’t hesitate to call our high-asset divorce lawyers today to discuss your individual case’s specifics.

Why It’s Important to Have A Strong Huntsville Alabama High-Asset Divorce Lawyer Represent Your Interests

A high-net-worth divorce is usually more complex than a typical divorce. The marital estate’s value is more significant than in the average divorce, sometimes multi-millions of dollars, or more. Because of this, a high-net-worth divorce often consists of various assets that necessitate input from a high-asset divorce lawyer familiar with the laws in Huntsville, Alabama. Our conscientious high-asset divorce lawyers will work diligently to identify, categorize, value, and distribute your assets accurately.

More specifically, assets in a high-net-worth divorce may include extensive executive compensation packages, multiple homes and vehicles, complex investments, and stock holdings. Not only do our Huntsville, Alabama high-asset divorce lawyers deal with these kinds of cases regularly, but our office also works with financial professionals familiar with high-net-worth issues to protect your assets. We have a scrupulous and vetted group of financial professionals at the ready, including divorce-certified financial planners, forensic accountants, and business valuation professionals to protect your assets, now and in the future.

For ultra-high-net-worth divorce cases involving family offices managing multi-million or billion-dollar investments and trusts, we have assembled a financial and legal team of high-asset lawyers along with ultra-high-net-worth financial professionals right here in our Huntsville, Alabama office. We have carefully selected each lawyer for their in-depth knowledge of family offices and how to value these complex vehicles to protect your interests and rights in your divorce.

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