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Tonia Osieczanek

Over a year ago I went through a fairly costly divorce where I was represented by a law firm other than Charlotte Christian Law, PC. A lingering “conflict” recently resurfaced and we were back in court. Instead of going back to the top dollar attorney I previously had, I spoke to Mrs. Alyson Scholl, an attorney at the Huntsville office for Charlotte Christian Law, PC. She was extremely knowledgeable and compassionate. Alyson explained options to me, she walked me through various scenarios and was extremely quick to respond to questions, always remaining professional, yet personable. She was very detail oriented and truly took my concerns and feedback into consideration, while also keeping in mind and presenting the laws and guidelines of family practice to me. Alyson did not waste my time or money and was instrumental in the success of our “conflict” being resolved in a timely manner, with very little stress involved. I, without a doubt, highly recommend Mrs. Alyson Scholl for any family/domestic matters, with or without children involved.

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