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I contacted Charlotte nearly a year ago for a divorce/custody battle, due to the complexity of my situation, the fact I was currently active duty military and a father, I knew I needed the best lawyer possible. She gave me advice throughout this case to set me up in the best way possible for trial. I will not lie, in this situation, ESPECIALLY for a father, I knew it was not going to be cheap but you get what you pay for and when it came to my children it was beyond worth it. Charlotte worked lightly on the case in the beginning to save me as much as possible, but focused on the “meat and potatos” so that when we went to trial we had everything we needed. She advised me on a private investigator, which between his evidence and her knowledge in court, I won my case hands down. This alone is outstatnding, but almost all rights were removed from my ex wife, this is not something that is seen that often. I highly recommend her for divorces and custody battles, but more over I recommend her for fathers, because its an up hill battle winning in court.

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