Every divorce is different, just like every marriage is different. When word gets out that you are headed toward divorce, everyone and their brother will have divorce tips to offer, whether you want them or not. You may find yourself looking for divorce tips on blogs or other random sites that your search engine brings up, but the important thing to remember is that your attorney is the best and most reliable source of legal information and strategy for your particular situation. If you do come across divorce tips that you think would be helpful, it’s best to run them by your attorney before acting on them.

Lawyer-Approved Divorce Tips

  1. Protect Your Interests

“If you go through the divorce process and permit fear or guilt to make your decisions, you will end up with very little and lacking the resources you will need to move forward.”

In most cases, the goal is a fair and equitable division of assets and liabilities, but it does take negotiation and effort from both parties. It’s a give and take that requires compromise, but in a hostile situation, one party may try to tip the scales in their favor and push for an unfair division. You need an attorney who will advocate for you and advise you of your best options and course of action.

  1. Keep Your Emotions In Check

“Letting it all hang out emotionally can not only create an acrimonious environment, but it can also jack up the final price tag on the costs of the divorce and decrease what’s left with which to move forward with your life.”

Keeping anger, guilt, and vindictiveness at bay will help you see things clearly for what they are. There is no use in name-calling, blaming or disruptive behavior. Operating from a calm, rational perspective will allow you to think long-term about your goals and future wellbeing. Don’t let your friends’ “divorce tips” about revenge on your spouse derail your plan.

  1. Stay Away From Social Media

“We love to tweet and post, but uploading a photo or making a comment about your divorce, your girlfriend, finances—you name it—on Facebook or Twitter could be used against you in court. Don’t update your status to “Single,” and don’t post pictures that could in any way be used against you in your divorce proceedings. Play it safe and if in doubt, post nothing but kittens.”

In this day and age it may not be feasible to avoid social media entirely, but one seemingly innocent post could have huge consequences in divorce proceedings. If you need to vent, we suggest you see a counselor or therapist.

  1. Plan For What Comes Next

“When in the midst of a divorce, you need to consider important financial decisions and long-term issues like selling the home, investment strategies, and purchasing life insurance.”

Your attorney should be able to guide you through this process and provide clarity for financial goals. It’s important to see the big picture, think about the future and long-term consequences of the decisions that will be made now.

Charlotte Christian Law excels in family law matters such as these. She represents her clients with compassion each step of the way, yet advocates on their behalf for the best possible outcome. Contact The Charlotte Christian Law today to talk with an attorney who can help you achieve the best results from these four divorce tips and more!

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