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Considerations Before You Decide To Represent Yourself During Your Divorce Process

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Some people consider representing themselves in their Huntsville, Alabama divorce case. While representing yourself is certainly allowed by Alabama law, in most situations that choice is not advisable nor logical. If you are considering representing yourself, ask yourself these questions before proceeding in that manner:

Why Should I Hire A Family Law Attorney In My Alabama Divorce Case?

I would ask, “ Why to hire a surgeon if you can stitch your own cut ?” People are often hesitant to retain family law or divorce attorneys. Their reasons range from the apparent expense of doing so to the uncertainty of the course of action required to hire an attorney. Divorce is an exasperating experience; therefore, hiring an attorney to represent you can make you feel as if you are only adding another layer or coat of difficulty to your circumstances. However, while hiring an attorney may seem unnecessary, a committed family law attorney can save you money and also often release you of some overwhelming emotional distress as you proceed through the divorce process.

As your advocate, your Huntsville divorce lawyer will help you create and present a divorce agreement that meets your needs and accommodates your distinctive circumstances. An experienced attorney will work with you to address not only your immediate goals but also your continuing goals and needs. Some of the major benefits of your being represented by a family law attorney are actually attained over the course of months and years–after the divorce. If not created properly and with discretion, parenting plans, spousal support provisions, and asset divisions could carry consequences that can be instrumental in a person’s life for several decades.

The lawyers at Alabama Family Law Group. are familiar with the Alabama divorce laws, and will establish a strategy for your Alabama divorce case based on your individual facts and needs. Hiring the right divorce lawyer will ensure that you receive the most advantageous outcome possible, will protect your individual rights and personal assets, and could hypothetically save you money on child support and spousal support.

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What Do I Have To Lose If I Represent Myself In My Divorce Case?

Evaluating what you could lose in a divorce is essential when deciding to represent yourself is important. Clearing up a case after you have lost it is nearly impossible. Realistically, assessing your situation is vital—individuals often underestimate what can be gained and what can be lost, particularly if they have children or if they do not have considerable assets.

Some people with few financial and property assets might feel like they have little to lose in their settlements with spouses. They think, too, that because they have little to no real and personal property, divorce will be a simple undertaking. Assets are not the only aspects of a marriage that can be divided. The division of debt can be costly and could affect you if the debt exists. For that reason, even if you do have assets, you should be cautious if your present state is a low-risk one.

Do I Have Children?

Representing yourself in an Alabama divorce case is not recommended if children are involved. Creating a reasonable parenting plan and calculating child support are complex matters. Your incorrectly establishing plans and support calculations initially can cost you dearly financially and emotionally in the future. A well-developed parenting plan should protect your ability to spend quality time with your children and should provide you the means to evaluate and implement the parenting plan through the courts if your spouse refuses to follow the plan’s guidelines.

In addition to spending time with your kids, paying child support is also an important consideration during a divorce. Child support can vary greatly depending on the distinctive circumstance of each case. Variables include, but are not limited to, incomes of the parents, childcare costs, insurance payments, and alimony and child support paid as ordered in other cases. Working with an Alabama Family Law attorney, such as The Law Offices of Charlotte Christian and Associates., will ensure that all the facts and financial information connected to your case are considered when support is calculated using the Alabama Rule 32 child support guidelines, and she will make sure your payments are accurate.

Whether you decide to hire an attorney for your Alabama divorce case or to retain the notion of an “I Will Represent Myself” divorce, always educate yourself on all your options first. We will be happy to speak with you and set up a consultation. Feel free to call The Law Offices of Charlotte Christian and Associates at 256-804-0084, in Huntsville, Alabama, or you can e-mail our managing attorney at

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