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Important Aspects Of Child Custody In Alabama

The following is a list of possible custody grants in Alabama divorce cases:

Joint Custody: joint legal and joint physical custody

Joint Legal Custody: Both parents have equal rights and responsibilities for major decisions concerning the children, including, but not limited to, education, health care, and religion. According to the circumstances, the court may designate one parent to make certain decisions while both parents still hold equal rights and responsibilities for some decisions.

Joint Physical Custody: Both parents are awarded custody in a manner that assures that the children have significant time and contact with each parent. This type of custody does not necessarily mean equal durations of custody time.

Sole Legal Custody: One parent has sole rights and responsibilities to make major decisions concerning the children, including, but not limited to, education, health care, and religion.

Sole Physical Custody: One parent has sole physical custody, and the other parent has rights of visitation unless otherwise provided by the court. This custody is sometimes referred to as “primary physical custody.”

In cases where the parties have agreed upon joint legal and physical custody of the children or the Court has granted such custody, parent designations must be noted in the Divorce Decree. Below is an example of the terms for such situations:

Parenting Designations: The parties shall confer with each other in making decisions concerning the minor child. In the event that they cannot come to an agreement, the Wife shall make all decisions concerning cultural, civic, and medical matters; Husband shall make all final decisions concerning educational, athletic, and religious matters.

Alabama Code Title 30 Marital Domestic Relations § 30-3-151

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