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7 of the Best Family Lawyers in Birmingham, Alabama | 2023 List

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Photos of seven of the best Birmingham, AL family law attorneys.

In our opinion, the family attorneys listed below are among the best in Birmingham.

Navigating the complexities of family law in Alabama can be an overwhelming and emotionally taxing experience. Securing the services of a skilled and empathetic attorney is necessary. The point is to achieve the best possible outcome, whether in a divorce case or a child custody modification. 

If you’re searching the internet for the best family lawyers in Birmingham, Alabama, you might’ve already noticed search engine rankings don’t offer much helpful information. Any directories you see claiming to list the “best” Birmingham family law firms might not be as beneficial as they first appear. Many of these are paid search listings. That means the more an attorney is willing to pay, the higher they move up the list. 

In our opinion, we’ve compiled a list of the best Birmingham, AL, family law attorneys to help you find the right lawyer for your family law needs. We’ve personally interacted with these lawyers and vouch for their superior legal skills. 

Although we would be pleased if you hired Charlotte Christian Law to represent you, we recognize that you may prefer a different firm. We believe that any law firm on our list will provide professional and compassionate representation when you require a Birmingham family lawyer. 

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7 of the Best Family Attorneys in Birmingham, Alabama

Charlotte Christian – Charlotte Christian Law 

Attorney Bio | Birmingham Google Reviews

Headshot of Charlotte Christian, one of the best family attorneys in Birmingham, AL.

Charlotte Christian Law is a dedicated family law firm that always prioritizes its clients’ needs. Charlotte Christian is passionate about assisting people in working through their family law dilemmas.

As someone who lost her father at a young age and then her husband after ten years of marriage, she has some insight into what some clients might be going through. When you are looking for family lawyers in Birmingham, AL, please call us to schedule a free consultation. 

Elizabeth Zwiebel – The Zwiebel Law Firm 

Attorney Bio | Contact Info

A headshot of one of the best family lawyers in Birmingham, Elizabeth Zwiebel.

Elizabeth Zwiebel, the founder of The Zwiebel Law Firm, is a skilled family law attorney with over two decades of experience. She started her firm to help her local community and clients with family law issues. She is known for her tireless advocacy and commitment to achieving the best outcome for her clients.

Elizabeth has been voted as Nation’s Top One Percent by the National Association of Distinguished Counsel. She’s also received the Lead Counsel Rating in Family Law and Adoption Law. Her firm has earned recognition too, receiving the highest award for Client Ratings in Professionalism and Communication. 

Patrick K. Yeatts – The Yeatts Law Firm 

Attorney Bio Contact Info

A photo of Patrick Yeatts, one of the best attorneys for family law in Birmingham, AL.

Patrick K. Yeatts is a family law attorney known for his client-focused nature and exceptional legal skills. He offers a wide range of family law services, including divorce, child custody, child support, paternity, and adoption.

There are several reasons Patrick is one of the best family lawyers in Birmingham, Alabama. He’s dedicated his practice to giving a voice to those without one. Before starting his firm, Patrick worked for The Legal Aid Society of Birmingham, representing low-income families. His passion for helping people comes through as he now works to minimize the emotional and financial fallout from divorce. 

Jennifer G. Rose – The Rose Law Firm 

Attorney Bio | Contact Info

A headshot of Jennifer Rose, one of the best family law attorneys in Birmingham.

Jennifer G. Rose is an accomplished family law attorney with an impressive track record. She’s had a passion for the law since she was a child, thanks to growing up with a father who is a well-respected lawyer. Jennifer is living her dream today and helping protect families’ legal rights. 

Her firm exclusively handles family law matters. Her compassionate and professional approach has earned her a reputation as a reliable and effective advocate for her clients. Birmingham Magazine has also ranked her as a top family lawyer.

Gregory C. Starkey – Birmingham Men’s Law Firm 

Attorney Bio | Contact Info

A photo of Gregory Starkey, one of the best family attorneys in Birmingham, Alabama.

Gregory C. Starkey is a dedicated family law attorney with a unique focus on representing men in divorce and child custody cases. With a deep understanding of men’s challenges in family law proceedings, Gregory provides personalized and effective representation to his clients. His firm has become a trusted resource for men struggling with the changes divorce brings. 

Marcus A. Jones, III – The Law Offices of Marcus A. Jones, III 

Attorney Bio Contact Info

An image of Marcus A. Jones III, one of the best family lawyers in Birmingham.

Marcus A. Jones, III is a highly skilled family law attorney who has been a divorce negotiator and litigator for nearly 30 years. His extensive experience in handling a variety of family law matters, such as divorce, child custody, and support, makes him a trusted advocate for his clients. In addition to his family law practice, Marcus has been appointed as a Special Circuit Judge to serve in Alabama Family Court. 

AshLeigh Meyer Dunham – Magic City Family Law 

Attorney Bio | Contact Info

An image of AshLeigh Meyer Dunham, one of the best Birmingham family lawyers.

AshLeigh Meyer Dunham is a founding partner at Magic City Family Law. She has repeatedly been voted a “Top Woman” lawyer and a “Top Flight Attorney.” Super Lawyers has also voted her a Rising Star. She’s committed to building a solid reputation in Birmingham as an advocate for children, whether it’s an adoption or dependency case. She knew from childhood that she wanted to be a lawyer and help others achieve goals they couldn’t alone. 

AshLeigh is also certified as a guardian ad litem in Alabama. Her passion for helping families navigate complex legal issues makes her an outstanding choice for those seeking representation in family law matters. 

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