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Top 6 unexpected perks of divorce

There is always a Silver Lining on not so pleasant situations. Even divorce. No matter how hard changes in our life might be, there are some good things between all the bad.

As the common says goes: “Getting divorced sucks, being divorced is great.” So, instead of always focusing on the bad side, we decided to discuss  a bit of the perks you may get when you divorce:

A bed all for myself and a better night’s sleep

If there is one common complaint between couples is not getting the best quality sleep. Maybe your partner snored, liked to leave the TV on till the after-hours, moved around too much, or had to wake up much earlier than you.

No matter how connected couples can get to be, this seems to be a very common issue that you will no longer have to worry about. Think about it, now might be the best time to get a full night’s sleep.

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You’ll no longer have to pretend you like your in laws

Some people are lucky enough to get along with their in-laws, it might not be the most common thing.  As Thrivingsistas put it:

Next time there is a celebratory dinner for that obnoxious brother-in-law who could never manage to keep his eyes or his hands off your backside – guess what? You don’t have to go! And as for that mother-in-law who was always that teensy bit judgemental of you – you have no obligation there now either!

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You’ll reconnect with friends and family

Having your spouse as a priority might mean you have little or no time to see other important people in your life as often. But now, you’ll not only have more time, but complete freedom to decide what to do with it.

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You’ll get more time for yourself

Of course, going through a divorce is rough and you might need time to pamper yourself, go to the salon, get your hair done, etc. The best part is that you’ll also have time to focus on your mental health: meditate, take a yoga class, write a journal.


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You’ll get full control of your finances

This could be daunting at first, however, think about it. It’s empowering to have complete control over your finances. Of course, you’ll need to figure out a couple of things with your ex first.

But once that’s done, you will no longer need to explain your consumer decisions to anyone or have to agree on every important financial move.

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You can get the pet that you want

Maybe you’re a cat person and your ex was a dog one. Sometimes, they might have terrible allergies.  Maybe, you both decided he should get the dog custody

Whatever the reason you have for getting a new pet, you will not have to consult it with anyone, except maybe the landlord. If it can fit in your space and is within your budget, you can make the arrangements to adopt a new furry buddy.



Having time for yourself and getting to know yourself better in this period of your life can be the best perk of all.  Keep some of the positives in mind before focusing on the negative.

Have you found any other perks from your divorce? Please, leave them in the comments.

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