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Top 5 Best coparenting apps

Sometimes, we realize we live in the future. Like when most of the difficult tasks we need to do, can be many times managed or are less complicated thanks to an app. One of these amazing examples is co-parenting.

Co-parents need to be organized. One of the key factors of doing it successfully is using all the tools that you have in hand. Not only scheduling-wise. You need to deal with finances, custody issues, clothes in two homes, important contacts, medical records, etc. Disagreements can get really complex and I’ve seen countless arguments turn into new court dates regarding a child’s custody.

This is very upseting for a child. According to psychologists, one of the things that will mostly harm children is not so much divorce or separation, but all the conflict that can develop after it. And of course, it will be hard considering now there are two households and different schedules to keep track of.

So, you’ll need an app that does not only help you organize, but also lets you have an extra ally to avoid conflict as much as it is possible.

Features to look for:

Before we dive in, here are some features you want to look for when choosing a co-parenting app:

Calendar: number one thing to keep track and keep the time between both parents organized and clear. This

Finances: Keep track of your child’s expenses and plan for the upcoming one.

Messages: Keep your communication in one place and avoid misunderstandings. You know that using your kids as messengers can be the recipe for disaster. You can look back at any time and check if a certain event or expense was set in the app. That way, your communication will be transparent and less difficult.

Document storage: Keep track of your kid’s information. From school-related to medical and even what shoe size they wear.

Mobile and web access: This might seem like a minor detail, but you might need this in case you need to have everything in one place.

Mediator help: Sometimes, reaching to an agreement might require some extra help. Several apps can even grant access to your lawyer. Many of these apps can even be used as proof if there is the need to take a conflict to court, so you might also want to look for that guarantee.


This is one of the most popular apps for co-parenting, not only in the US, but in several countries. It’s user friendly and will even summarize information in via cool graphics.

Special features: lets you store photos and medical information. Also, includes time-swap requests, because no plan is perfect.

Operating System: Android and iOs and has also web access available

Price: $9.99 per month


Another app that let’s you set everything in order. Unfortunately, this app sets a little more priority to the calendar and does not store documents or let you do time-swap requests. So if you mainly require help with your organization.

Special features: Lets you save important contact information like a doctor’s office number, teacher’s number, etc.

Operating system: Mobile and Web

Price: $9.99 per month or $99.00 per year (per parent)

Our family wizard

Some parenting sites recommend this as one of the top-coparenting apps. It has one of the best interfaces and mobile apps. This app offers a key advantage: in case needed, messages, documents, and communication from it can be used in court.

Special features: A “tone meter”, a tool that lets you make an “emotional spell-check” on all your messages. This will help you avoid conflict as much as you can.

Also, you can grant access to your lawyer and can contact a mediator in case it is necessary. So you will have all in one.

Operating system: iOs, Android and Web Access

Price: $99.00 a year (but also has bundled packages and options)


Designed by parents who had a lot of experience in court, Coparenter focuses on the children and mostly, reaching agreements. Also, this is another app that will help you with all records you’ll need in case you end up in court.


Special features: Unlimited mediation included

Operating system: Mobile Access

Price: $12.99 per month


This co-parenting app offers great communication and compatibility with all involved in your child’s life (regardless if they use the app or not).

Special features: Will let you store and record all the information related to your child’s circle: friends and family contact information, doctor’s office number, etc. Also, it will let you make requests for future expenses (aside from keeping track of them).

Operating system: Mobile Access

Price: Free

Do you use any of these apps? Which one do you find more practical or that helps you the most with all your co-parenting needs?

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