The best Co-Parenting strategies for a Peaceful Co-Existence

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Narcissism. Unilateral Decisions. Inflexibility. Hostility. Disrespect. Revenge. These are all examples of terrible co-parenting strategies. Not only will these attitudes cause conflict between you and your ex, but they will inevitably also harm your children in the process. Yet many people approach their co-parenting relationships with these tendencies based on their failed marital relationships. If […]

What Does Abandonment Mean? A Common Misconception In Divorce

Abandonment - The Alabama Law Group

A spouse may feel “abandoned” by his or her partner if they moved out due to marital problems. However, if they are still paying the bills and spending time with the kids, there aren’t grounds to claim abandonment legally. Abandonment is a legal term with specific circumstances that must be met in order for someone […]

What Is The Role Of A Guardian Ad Litem?

GUARDIAN AD LITEM - The Alabama Law Group

A Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) is someone designated by a judge to investigate and represent the best interests of a child in the context of a lawsuit. A guardian is someone who helps and protects the best interests of someone else. Ad litem means “for the lawsuit.” Frequently, a guardian ad litem is assigned in […]

5 Steps To Find Your Ideal Divorce Attorney

Ideal Divorce Attorney - The Alabama Law Group

If you are facing divorce and find yourself in need of a divorce attorney, it’s important to find one that will be the right fit for you and your situation. Putting in some time and effort up front will give you the best opportunity to find a divorce attorney that not only wins the best […]

Letting Go Of Anger – How To Move On After Divorce

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Let’s just start by acknowledging that divorce isn’t for the faint of heart. Instead, it comes steeped in difficult situations to sort through, frustrating feelings to process, and the aftermath of picking up the pieces of life can just be messy! But as you’re working to figure out how to move on after divorce, one […]

Should I Stay Off Social Media During A Divorce?

Social Media During a Divorce - The Alabama Law Group

Everyone uses social media. Well, maybe not everyone, but according to Statista, “In the most recently measured period [2017-2018], 77 percent of U.S. Americans had a social media profile.” Social media is often used to stay in touch with long distance friends and relatives, share photos, find interesting information, and plenty of other very innocent […]

What about dating during divorce?

Dating During Divorce - The Alabama Law Group

A common question asked by soon-to-be-divorced clients is: “Is dating during divorce okay?” The answer is simple, but not easy. Whether you realize it or not, dating during divorce will only make the process more difficult for you – and your spouse. Yes, spouse. Until your divorce is completely finalized, you are still legally married. […]

Do You Really Want a DIY Divorce?

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It’s possible that doing a DIY divorce could save you money, up front at least, but it’s also possible that a DIY divorce could turn into the biggest headache of your life. It could also end up costing you a significant amount of money down the road – when there is nothing you can do […]

5 Ways To Not Sabotage Your Divorce

Sabotage Your Divorce - The Alabama Law Group

These five common mistakes could prevent a good outcome from your divorce. The divorce process is an inevitably stressful, emotional and difficult experience that can cause people to do things and behave in ways that are out of character. Seemingly small white lies can have a huge impact if they are discovered, and chances are, […]

How Can I Learn Alabama Divorce Laws?

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“Words are the essential tools of the law. In the study of law, language has great importance; cases turn on the meaning that judges ascribe to words, and lawyers must use the right words to effectuate the wishes of their clients. It has been said that you will be learning a new language when you […]