Should we stay together for the kids?

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It’s inevitable that this thought passes through your head when you’ve tried to make things work with your partner, reaching the very difficult realization that you may need a divorce. But, what about the kids? This is a question that certainly worries many couples who find that this is the way they’d like to proceed. […]

Does getting a divorce mean that we failed?


Facing the reality of a divorce is hard.  It does not matter that we live in the 21st century, and that divorce has been a part of our legal system for a long time. For many, divorce still carries a stigma: for some people, it is one of shame. For others, it is the distinct […]

8 Signs your marriage may be detrimental for your mental health


How do you know it’s time to let go? While this should be decided by every individual on their own time, there are red flags that can pop-up here and there that might be affecting our mental health and also (at some extent) your ability to figure out that enough is enough. But, as Bryant […]

How to find the right divorce support group

In taking a stereotypical look at divorce, men worry about the money and property, and women worry about the relationship and the kids, and to many, finding a divorce support group of some sort isn’t necessary. Here’s the problem with looking at divorce that way – generalized stereotypes are rarely 100% true, and unless you’ve […]

Letting Go Of Anger – How To Move On After Divorce

After Divorce - The Alabama Law Group

Let’s just start by acknowledging that divorce isn’t for the faint of heart. Instead, it comes steeped in difficult situations to sort through, frustrating feelings to process, and the aftermath of picking up the pieces of life can just be messy! But as you’re working to figure out how to move on after divorce, one […]

5 Ways To Not Sabotage Your Divorce

Sabotage Your Divorce - The Alabama Law Group

These five common mistakes could prevent a good outcome from your divorce. The divorce process is an inevitably stressful, emotional and difficult experience that can cause people to do things and behave in ways that are out of character. Seemingly small white lies can have a huge impact if they are discovered, and chances are, […]

Contemplating Divorce? Do These 5 Things First

Divorce - The Alabama Law Group

Divorce demands a hefty price – on all aspects of life – and should not be entered into without counting the cost. Building a strong marriage is a life-long endeavor. It takes commitment, hard work and sacrifice on a daily basis. When an imbalance of work, strained finances, or lack of communication slowly cause damage, or […]


The Divorce Process - The Alabama Law Group

The Divorce Process: What to Expect Step by Step Considering a divorce can be a daunting experience. It’s an unpredictable situation, especially if your spouse is the one pursing action. It can be extremely difficult to handle the emotional side of a divorce, but the legal side has to be handled as well. It can […]

How To Support Your Adult Child Through Divorce

Adult Children of Divorce - The Alabama Law Group

When a divorce takes places, there’s an overwhelming amount of emotions that accompany the decision. There’s sadness for the couple, wondering what happened, trying to figure out what the next steps are. But what about the parents of the couple divorcing? Their emotions tend to end up on the back-burner. If they’re involved in their […]

What is Considered Separate Property in a Divorce?

Separate Property - The Alabama Law Group

Assets are all considered during a divorce. When it comes to property, there are two general types involved in a divorce – communal assets and separate assets. Which assets are considered communal or community or separate is dependent on the state you live in, but in general, the law assumes everything you acquire during marriage […]