Should we stay together for the kids?

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It’s inevitable that this thought passes through your head when you’ve tried to make things work with your partner, reaching the very difficult realization that you may need a divorce. But, what about the kids? This is a question that certainly worries many couples who find that this is the way they’d like to proceed. […]

Marital problems that can cause divorce


Divorce can happen due to many factors. Each couple has a different dynamic and has different odds when it comes to how they will manage a difficult situations. However there are issues that affect most couples that can lead to divorce: Money problems What’s yours, is mine? According to survive divorce, this is one of […]

8 Signs your marriage may be detrimental for your mental health


How do you know it’s time to let go? While this should be decided by every individual on their own time, there are red flags that can pop-up here and there that might be affecting our mental health and also (at some extent) your ability to figure out that enough is enough. But, as Bryant […]

Divorce Planning: Select A Divorce Attorney Immediately

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Divorce Planning: You may wonder why you need an attorney for your divorce if you and your spouse are in agreement on things, or perhaps you are expecting a divorce to start and cannot imagine why you would want to have an attorney yet. You need a divorce attorney for the same reason that you […]