How to Tell Your Children You’re Getting a Divorce

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Divorce is already a complex and intricate process. Now add children into the equation. It becomes that much more layered because the divorce shifts to not just being about you and your ex reaching an equitable solution as you part ways, but about creating the best possible environment for your children to grow up in […]

Does getting a divorce mean that we failed?


Facing the reality of a divorce is hard.  It does not matter that we live in the 21st century, and that divorce has been a part of our legal system for a long time. For many, divorce still carries a stigma: for some people, it is one of shame. For others, it is the distinct […]

What is discovery in a divorce?

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As part of the discovery process during divorce, Civil Rules of Procedure provide mechanisms by which parties may obtain information from the other party and from third parties.   The most common tools in the discovery toolbox are interrogatories request for production, Request for Admissions and Depositions. Interrogatories are questions asked by one party in a […]

Who Gets The Debt In An Alabama Divorce?

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When divorce is represented on TV or in movies, it usually glorifies the divvying up belongings between the separating couple. The reality is, divorce is painful enough and most who experience it don’t wish to extend the process with frou-frou fights over who gets to keep what knick-knacks. However, one area that does often result […]