The Divorce Lawyer Questions You Need To Ask

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TEN THINGS YOU SHOULD ASK YOUR DIVORCE LAWYER We all consult experts about almost every aspect of our lives. We visit a doctor to know whether or not we’re healthy. We go to an accountant to discuss what we might do to reduce our tax liability. We even sit down with an estate planning attorney to make […]

How To Win When Returning To Work After Divorce

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If you put your career on hold for several years to raise a family, or maybe didn’t start a career at all, you may feel unprepared for entering the workforce. However, going back to work after divorce is a great opportunity for a fresh start. Returning to work after divorce is a chance to meet […]

Who Gets The Dog? Pets and Divorce

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Pets and Divorce Create a Bone of Contention When it comes to pets and divorce, there are added layers of considerations to make. Believe it or not, divorce isn’t only hard on you, your spouse, and your children. It also poses an emotional experience for your “fur babies.” As man’s best friend, science shows that […]