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Plan your funeral before you file for divorce. Seriously!

During our years of experience in this field, we have learned the terrible consequences that not planning ahead has (financially or otherwise). I’m guessing prenups, litigations, and people losing their retirement is what might come to mind. But you’d be surprised at the things that can happen during a divorce process and why we say to many of our clients to plan for everything, even their own funeral.

A young dentist is involved in a divorce process.   His mother hates his soon to be ex and there is no love lost the other way.    They are NOT nice to each other and have shared a few text messages letting the other know their true feelings.

The dentist’s entire family hates the soon to be ex because she is evil, she has taken him for granted and has had an affair and announced she wants a divorce. There is a lot of animosity between both families. As it sometimes happens in divorce cases.

Sadly and suddenly, during the case, the young dentist was involved in an automobile accident and was pronounced dead at the scene.   He had not planned ahead and of course, had not made plans for his funeral.

“He had not planned ahead and of course, had not made plans for his funeral.”

Who would have?  Unfortunately, even more, trauma happened with the family of the young man.   The wife (soon to be ex) was still legally the next of kin. This means that she still had full authority in deciding what would happen to the body, what kind of ceremony would be held, etc.

She had the gentleman cremated without his family’s input or knowledge and would not allow anyone in his family to be at the funeral home or the marital home.   She still had rights and she intended to use them and get her way and boy did she!

Before you plan to divorce, plan your funeral. If this happened to you, and you were not on the best terms with your ex, they could set something up that goes against your beliefs or family’s wishes. Imagine your own mother not being able to attend the service and being unable to grieve properly.

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Why leaving a will is an important step prior to divorce

You can get help from your lawyer to sort out the details legally, in case anything happened. Setting up a will before starting your divorce will let you plan for your funeral (or decide who is in charge) and also prevent your ex from keeping your entire estate.

Sort and set this information so that your family stays protected in this and any other kind of emergencies that might occur. In financials, planning ahead is always the best option.

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