What are the military benefits for former spouses?

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Divorce is a complicated matter, without adding in other factors. However, if your spouse is or was in the Military, it might bring along other situations that must be taken into account. The Uniformed Services Former Spouse Protection Act According to Military one source, it is dictated by the act that: The Uniformed Services Former […]

Are You Walking the Road of a Military Divorce?

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Considering Walking the Road of a Military Divorce? When you enter into the military community by marrying a service member, your life changes. You get the opportunity to spend a lot of time serving with and for others and your heart can get wrapped up in being a military spouse. In many ways, the military […]

5 Ways A Military Divorce Differs from A Civilian Divorce

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According to data provided by the Pentagon to Military.com, about 21,290 of 689,060 married troops divorced over the course of fiscal 2017. Divorce is never a pleasant process to go through. It is usually painful, messy, and complicated. However, if you are an active duty American military personnel or if you are currently married to […]

Retirement Benefits for Service Members in a Divorce

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When deciding whether or not to get divorced in a military relationship, it is crucial for each spouse to understand the complexities associated with the retirement system in the military. Knowing which accounts each party is entitled to, as well as the proper way to value the funds and draft the decree are major undertakings […]

Military Retirement and Divorce


The rules regarding the division of military retirement during a divorce are an intersection of federal and domestic state law that can be complex and sometimes downright confusing. The amount of retirement to be divided upon divorce is dependent upon the number of years a spouse has served, the number of years the parties were […]

Military Divorces versus Civilian Divorces

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Military and civilian divorces are very similar. The federal government has a laissez-faire attitude about most things concerning family law. When their service members are involved, however, it can be a different story. The following is a basic overview of some of the major differences you can expect between a military divorce and a civilian […]

Military Divorces and Support

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Generally speaking, the military will let couples go through the divorce without much interference from the government. One area that military Command will intervene in is the issue of child and spousal support. Amount of Payment The military requires their service members to provide “adequate support” to family members, although how much this is varies […]

Child Custody in a Military Divorce

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Contested custody cases are some of the most fraught matters in litigation. The stress is compounded if one parent happens to be in the military and is facing deployment or relocation. Couples with a military partner should work diligently on keeping lines of communication open, and always remember to keep the best interest of their […]