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Huntsville, Alabama Child Support Attorney

Huntsville, Alabama Child Support AttorneyThe first step in the divorce process is deciding to pursue a divorce, so congratulations on taking the initiative to move forward with your life in a positive way. As a loving parent, it is only natural for you to want to do what is best for your children. You might already have an idea about what is involved in raising a child, including how much some items cost, yet may not know how to cover all the expenses you must going forward. If you are first starting to think about child support, a Huntsville, Alabama Child Support Attorney can assist you. 

What a Huntsville, Alabama child support attorney can include in a child support agreement

Your child support agreement can cover anything from the very basics like food, shelter, clothing, and healthcare to your children’s summer camp and college tuition. That holds even if the children are very young at the time of your divorce. 

What your child support agreement should not include are overly restrictive terms that will lead to conflict later. Frequently, I receive the following questions from divorcing clients: “Why can’t I pay for my children’s expenses myself instead of giving my ex-wife the money?” and “I should get a monthly accounting from my ex detailing where every penny she/he spends goes.” I tell them is these demands aren’t practical or even possible. 

A court doesn’t want to micromanage your lives post-divorce. It will assume that the money the paying spouse gives to the other parent will go where it should — to housing, a family vehicle, gas for that vehicle, utilities, etc. The objective of a Huntsville, Alabama child support lawyer is, therefore, to come up with a child support figure that adequately meets the children’s needs. When this happens, both parents leave the child support negotiations behind feeling like they each got a fair deal, and are less likely to return to the bargaining table — or court later.

Enlisting the assistance of a well-skilled Huntsville, Alabama child support attorney to arrange for your children’s child support can help you to provide for them now as well as for years, maybe decades, after you finalize your divorce. 

Modification by a Huntsville, Alabama, child support attorney of an existing child support agreement

In some situations, parents look to have their existing child support agreement modified. They may have experienced a change in their financial circumstances or believe they received an unfair judgment in their divorce.

Regardless of how it came to pass, if you think you are paying an amount above what you should pay for child support or feel you are not receiving a sufficient amount each month to meet your children’s needs, we can help. 

We have successfully negotiated, mediated, and litigated thousands of child support arrangements and drafted the accompanying agreements, helping our clients have the means to provide a stable environment for their children following divorce. Conveniently located in Hunstville, Alabama, our dedicated team of Huntsville Alabama child support attorneys is here to walk you through this period of uncertainty. Just pick up the phone and call us.

What Factors Your Huntsville, Alabama Child Support Attorney Can Consider When Drafting Your Child Support Agreement

Beginning discussions with a soon-to-be-ex-spouse about child support can cause added friction between you. Generally speaking, making decisions about visitation, custody, and who pays for what and when can cause explosive arguments that affect other aspects of your divorce as a result. 

Therefore, it is wise to have a child support attorney near where you live in Huntsville, Alabama, who can negotiate on your behalf. Our child support attorneys are well-versed in what factors a strong child support agreement will take into account. These are: 

  • The number of children in the family
  • The monthly income of the parents
  • The daycare costs for the children
  • The cost of health insurance for the family
  • The time according to the custody and visitation agreement each parent will spend with the children

The child support attorneys in our Huntsville, Alabama office each have extensive experience creating child support arrangements that prioritize the child’s best interests while considering the parents’ abilities and limitations. Our detailed agreements can protect your children by accounting for their needs now and in the years to come. We are ready and eager to assist you in any way we can. 

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We know how nerve-racking negotiating child support can be for divorcing parents. Our team of child support attorneys in our Huntsville, Alabama office is prepared to put your children’s needs first and ease your mind about your family’s stability. With decades of combined experience under our belts, we are ready to advocate for you and your children. Reach out Charlotte Christian Law now.


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