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How does the court divide property in a divorce in Alabama?

You’re wondering how property gets divided in a divorce in Alabama? It’s a good question and one that a lot of people have when they’re going through a divorce. Here’s the scoop:

In Alabama, the court will divide property in a divorce based on what is considered “equitable distribution.” This means that the court will look at the financial situation of each spouse and divide the property in a way that is considered fair, but not necessarily equal. Here are some of the things that the court will consider when dividing property:

  • The length of the marriage
  • The age and health of each spouse
  • The earning capacity of each spouse
  • The debts and liabilities of each spouse
  • Any property or assets that were acquired before the marriage

Keep in mind that this is just a brief overview and there are a lot of other factors that the court may consider. If you’re going through a divorce and want to make sure your property is divided fairly, it’s a good idea to reach out to an attorney who specializes in divorce law. That’s where Charlotte Christian Law comes in! Our experienced attorneys can help you understand the process and make sure your rights are protected. Give us a call at 256-859-7277 to speak with us today.

Just keep in mind that these are general guidelines and the specifics of each case may vary. It’s always best to consult with an attorney to get the most accurate information for your situation. And remember, this information is for educational purposes only and is not legal advice.

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