11 divorce terms, explained

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If you are entering the legal world of divorce proceedings, some of the terms may seem foreign to you. Of course, your attorney can explain in detail what you need to know, but if you want a basic understanding of the most common terms, keep reading. It is important to have a good grasp of […]

What Does Abandonment Mean? A Common Misconception In Divorce

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A spouse may feel “abandoned” by his or her partner if they moved out due to marital problems. However, if they are still paying the bills and spending time with the kids, there aren’t grounds to claim abandonment legally. Abandonment is a legal term with specific circumstances that must be met in order for someone […]

The Divorce Lawyer Questions You Need To Ask

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TEN THINGS YOU SHOULD ASK YOUR DIVORCE LAWYER We all consult experts about almost every aspect of our lives. We visit a doctor to know whether or not we’re healthy. We go to an accountant to discuss what we might do to reduce our tax liability. We even sit down with an estate planning attorney to make […]

Do You Really Want a DIY Divorce?

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It’s possible that doing a DIY divorce could save you money, up front at least, but it’s also possible that a DIY divorce could turn into the biggest headache of your life. It could also end up costing you a significant amount of money down the road – when there is nothing you can do […]


Divorce Process - The Alabama Law Group

No one comes to the decision to divorce lightly. It’s a painful, arduous road, one that no married couple wants to walk down, but many inevitably come to. Once the decision to divorce has been made, it can then feel like an eternity to complete the divorce process – it’s easy to wonder how long […]

Recruit the Right Family Law Attorney for Your Team

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Just as it is more difficult to win a national championship with a weak quarterback, divorce becomes much harder when you’re following the lead of a family law attorney who is poorly equipped to be on the field. To come out on the other side of the process on your feet (and not wheeled out […]


The Divorce Process - The Alabama Law Group

The Divorce Process: What to Expect Step by Step Considering a divorce can be a daunting experience. It’s an unpredictable situation, especially if your spouse is the one pursing action. It can be extremely difficult to handle the emotional side of a divorce, but the legal side has to be handled as well. It can […]

How To Support Your Adult Child Through Divorce

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When a divorce takes places, there’s an overwhelming amount of emotions that accompany the decision. There’s sadness for the couple, wondering what happened, trying to figure out what the next steps are. But what about the parents of the couple divorcing? Their emotions tend to end up on the back-burner. If they’re involved in their […]

Can I Legally Prevent My Children From Seeing Their Other Parent?

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When a couple with kids separates, it is the advice of the majority of the legal realm to do whatever you can to keep the children outside of the fight, and visitation is a large part of that effort. If a divorce begins on ugly terms, it can be extremely difficult for either parent to […]

Co-Parenting And Your Child’s Sports After Divorce

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Don’t let your divorce interfere with your child’s best interests Extra-curricular activities, sports in particular, are effective tools for character development in children and youth. Most parents see the value in their kid being part of a team or exercising the discipline it takes to participate in sports. Unfortunately, when a child’s schedule is disrupted […]