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Divorce Lawyer Huntsville, AL Divorce Lawyer Huntsville, AL 

It is estimated that approximately half of all Alabama marriages for young couples end in divorce. The divorce rate for older couples – baby boomers – is even higher. That rate has doubled in the past 20 years. While every couple, younger or older, has their own reasons for divorce, a divorce lawyer Huntsville, AL clients recommend knows that there are a few common factors that most of these couples have in their marriage that lead to the divorce. Some of these issues are explained below.

Financial Issues

Financial stress is one of the most common factors couples cite for divorce and can put a heavy strain on a marriage. If the issues are long-term and will take time to dig out from, the marriage often breaks from that strain. It can be even compounded if only one spouse works while the other stays home, causing resentment and anger to build up.

Wrong Reasons

One common reason that a client will tell their Huntsville, AL divorce lawyer why their marriage isn’t working is that the couple got married for the wrong reasons. They may have felt pressure from family, societal pressure, pregnancy, or just got caught up in a whirlwind romance.

Always Fighting

Some couples feel as if they are always fighting because there is constant conflict between them. Often, these conflicts really stem from major issues that the couple may or may not have recognized and this unhappiness spills out into their everyday life.


When one partner cheats on the other, it can break even the strongest of marriages. The injured spouse often struggles with feelings of distrust and inadequacies. The infidelity does not have to be physical for the damage to the relationship to occur. Emotional cheating, especially with the prevalence of social media in society, has become more common and can do the same amount of damage to a marriage as if the partner physically cheated.

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If you have hit a point in your marriage where you feel there is no other option than divorce, there are many steps you should take before even filing in order to protect your marital rights and ensure that any child custody, division of the marital estate, child support, and other issues are settled in a fair and just resolution. Trying to do this without an attorney advocating for you, even in a friendly divorce, can end up giving your spouse an unfair advantage.

Whether you are ready to file or are just thinking about it, it is always a good idea to speak to a legal expert who can explain the divorce process to you and how it may affect your situation. Contact Charlotte Christian Law, P.C. to schedule a free and confidential consultation with a divorce lawyer in Huntsville, AL to find out how we can help. Call our office today.

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