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Divorce for Professionals

Protect your future and safeguard your career with legal solutions from The Law Offices of Charlotte Christian and Associates.

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Divorce for Professionals

You’ve spent years investing in your family’s future. Don’t lose it all in a divorce.

I earned an advanced degree, make more money than my spouse, and want to protect my hard work
I sacrificed my career to care for the family and home, and/or contributed financially while my spouse earned an advanced degree.

In either situation, our team works with the client to support their position with evidence and voice their desires to their partner or the court. We prepare documents, present arguments, and state their case for why they believe they deserve certain assets, alimony, or other requested outcomes.

Protecting your assets and interests

Clients with professional degrees often want to protect their hard work and earnings during a divorce. When you or your spouse has such a degree, it is important to understand how this affects your financial standing, including assets and debts.

Whether you are the professional or your spouse is, it’s important to understand how a divorce affects your financial standing.

Asset and Property Division

The way asset and property division is handled differs by state. If you are in an equitable distribution state, where the judge splits the couple’s assets and debts fairly (but not necessarily equally), having experienced divorce attorneys on your side to ensure your goals are defended is crucial.

Alimony Provisions

When one spouse provides financial support for the other’s education and training, that person may be entitled to alimony during a divorce proceeding. Likewise, if the supporting spouse put their own education or career goals on hold, they may have an alimony case.

Individual and Shared Debts

There’s a lot to consider when one partner holds a professional degree. Our team assesses the degree’s value and any related debt, protecting our client’s rights. We may work with vocational experts, economists, and others to better understand the degree and professional career before negotiating with the spouse or taking the case to court.
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Experienced Advocates on Your Side

Protect Your Interests

Your case is centered around what matters most to you. Our team is prepared to voice your requests to your partner and the court for why you deserve specific assets, alimony, and any other items that hold importance to you.

Make Educated Decisions

When you consult with us about a case, we will give an honest assessment of your situation. That means being upfront with you about your case’s potential strengths and weaknesses, so you can make informed decisions moving forward.

Move forward with Confidence

Knowing the next steps helps you plan your future with confidence. We’ll keep you updated on all communications regarding your case so you never have to question where you stand.

Protect Yourself from an Unfair Divorce

Our attorneys are here to protect your business and income, and fight for the assets you deserve during your divorce. Take the first step in protecting and securing your future today.