How to Have a Happy Thanksgiving When You’re Divorced

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“Gather ’round the Thanksgiving table and say something you’re thankful for.” When you’re in the midst of a divorce, answering a question like this can feel, well, loaded. In American culture, Thanksgiving is virtually synonymous with a large family dinner, although COVID-19 is putting a monkey wrench in that for now. Nonetheless, most of us […]

Why You Shouldn’t Leave the Marital Home Until You Have to During Your Divorce

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We’re finished. My marriage is done, and we’re getting a divorce. They’re the words you’ve heard friends and family say before, the words you never imagined yourself saying. Yet, here you are, speaking them. Now that you’ve made a decision, you want to get the divorce process started. You know the sooner you do that, […]

3 Ways A Divorce Can Impact Your Business

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We tend to separate our personal life from our business one. However, what can happen if our partner in business is also our partner in life and one day we decide to split up? This is a specially delicate matter you’ll need to look into even before tying the knot. However, if you did not […]

Are divorce rates declining or increasing after the pandemic?

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Even if this seems like a long time ago, before COVID-19, divorce rates were declining and it might have to do with the Millenial Generation. According to the Atlantic, this is a Generation that is getting married later in life, where a good percentage has a college degree and where financial stability might come along […]

Is it better to settle or should I go to court?

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Settling is a word that we do not immediately connect to positive things. We look for better jobs or struggle to find a soul-mate because we do not want to settle. And while that is perfectly fine in other areas in life, it might not be applicable to your divorce. I’d like to take some […]

Should we stay together for the kids?

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It’s inevitable that this thought passes through your head when you’ve tried to make things work with your partner, reaching the very difficult realization that you may need a divorce. But, what about the kids? This is a question that certainly worries many couples who find that this is the way they’d like to proceed. […]

Unexpected emotions during divorce

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Whenever someone gets divorced, of course there are certain emotions one can expect to go through. A grieving process might include denial, bargaining, etc. However, there will be emotions you did not expect to feel in such moments. Getting divorced can make you go through a rollercoaster of emotions, psychologists say there is as much […]

What goes through a child’s mind during divorce?

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But… what about the kids? I am sure this question has popped up in your mind and also during discussions or arguments before deciding if you should or shouldn’t get a divorce. No matter how difficult your marriage has become, I am sure your children’s wellbeing must be one of your top priorities (as they […]

Marital problems that can cause divorce


Divorce can happen due to many factors. Each couple has a different dynamic and has different odds when it comes to how they will manage a difficult situations. However there are issues that affect most couples that can lead to divorce: Money problems What’s yours, is mine? According to survive divorce, this is one of […]

Legal separation vs. divorce

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So, you are having problems with your spouse. At the time you are unsure of how you’d like to proceed. It’s not really a secret that getting a divorce can be hard. Is there a middle ground that might allow you and your spouse to settle things and decide if you really want to get […]