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Divorce Attorney Huntsville, AL Divorce Attorney Huntsville, AL 

Even the friendliest Alabama divorce can be difficult to go through. Whether a person wants the divorce or not, the fact that their marriage is ending is often an emotional one and can bring up feelings of sadness and anger at different times during the process. A divorce attorney Huntsville, AL clients trust knows that social media has made the divorce process an even more difficult one. Many people who post on social media don’t realize that the things they share can be used as evidence against them in divorce and child custody cases.

The majority of social media users have their accounts set to private, however, that doesn’t prevent someone’s posts from being used against them. In order to make sure that your accounts are protected, follow these tips:

  •       Make sure to change your passwords frequently. A lot of people use the same or similar passwords for all their accounts because it’s easier to remember that way. While this may make it easier for you to sign onto your accounts, it also makes it easier for someone else to hack into your account, especially if that someone is close to you (like a soon to be ex-spouse).
  •       Check your security settings on each of your social media accounts. If it’s not already, then change the settings to private so only those followers you choose can see what you’re posting. However, as a Huntsville, AL divorce attorney recommends, it is still a good idea to watch what you post because there is always a risk that someone you think is your friend is actually sharing what you post with your ex.
  •       Don’t vent about your problems on you social media accounts. Not only does this let everyone know your business, but these “rants” can be used against you.
  •       Go back through your history to see what you have posted that could be taken out of context or used against you in court. Delete any of these posts, photos, comments, check-ins, or anything else that could be used against you.
  •       Go through all your private messages. If your spouse’s attorney requests it, the court could approve that your messaging history be turned over as evidence. It’s a good idea to also go through your email and clean that up, as well.

It is important to remember that not only can your social media be used against you, but if your spouse has posted online content on their social media that you believe is questionable, your attorney can also use that content as evidence in your favor.

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