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Child Custody Attorney Huntsville, Alabama 

Child Custody Attorney Huntsville, AlabamaWhen you begin the divorce process, there are many issues you and your soon-to-be-ex will need to address. If you are a parent, one of the most critical of those issues will be child custody in addition to child support. Fortunately, our office has a Child Custody Attorney Huntsville, Alabama who is well-versed in resolving child custody disputes to help you with the individual specifics of your case.

Most divorcing parents worry about what will happen to their children when they visit with their other parent. Those parents want to ensure their children have a clean and safe place to live and that they have ample shared parenting time or visitation, a certain amount of decision-making authority, and will be prepared for what might happen in the event they or the other spouse wants to relocate.

In other situations, a parent may need a modification of their existing arrangement due to a change in their circumstances or those of their ex-spouse. In that case, those parents would benefit from seeking a child custody attorney’s advice locally in Huntsville, Alabama. 

Unfortunately, some parents do not abide by some or all of the terms in their current custody agreement. Aggrieved parents would then want to contact a child custody attorney in Huntsville, Alabama, one who knows how best to enforce an existing child custody agreement and to file a petition with the court should it comes to that. Our child custody attorneys are well-equipped to handle such cases. 

Regardless, of how you became faced with these issues, each can raise many questions, which is why it is smart to consult with a child custody attorney who is familiar with the divorce laws in Huntsville, Alabama. With decades of combined experience between us, we are here to listen and are prepared to address your concerns.   

A Child Custody Attorney in Huntsville, Alabama Can Help Assist You With Issues Concerning Residence, Shared Parenting and Visitation, Decision-Making Authority, and Relocation

The most critical issues parents commonly face during a child custody negotiation or dispute involve residence, shared parenting and visitation, decision-making authority, and relocation. Having a team of diligent child custody attorneys on your side could make all the difference in whether you obtain a favorable outcome on the issues you care about most or walk away feeling like you lost your ability to parent your child the way you want. 


Divorcing parents often compete to have their home declared the primary residence for the children. As our Huntsville, Alabama child custody attorneys can tell you, a determination will rest on what is in the children’s best interests. To make such a determination, a court will consider the following criteria:  

  • Can the parent in residence provide a stable routine for the child? For instance, will the children be able to get to school, visit with their friends, and go to bed each night without excessive noise?
  • Will the child be in danger living with the parent in residence? For example, does the parent in residence abuse drugs or alcohol, or are they physically or emotionally abusive?
  • Is the residential parent willing to communicate with the other parent regularly about any issues affecting the child’s day-to-day experiences?
  • Are the kids of the age where they can decide which parent they want to live with and if they are going to call that parent’s residence home?
Shared parenting and visitation

Alabama recently amended its standard regarding shared parenting. Where divorced parents had to share parenting equally previously, Alabama courts now recognize that children need not spend time with each parent in the same amounts. Instead, the court expects children to spend as much time with each of their parents as practically possible.

Alabama courts also take a more hands-off stance to these issues, encouraging parents to create a shared parenting and visitation routine on their own first, without the court’s intervention. One of our Huntsville, Alabama child custody attorneys can help you create a child custody arrangement to be as inclusive and comprehensive as possible.  

Decision-making authority

Alabama courts generally favor awarding joint legal custody. That means both parents have decision-making authority over important issues, including medical care, religion, and education. In circumstances where a particular parent has exhibited a pattern of making poor decisions in the past, a court will award decision-making authority to the other parent alone.


Life has a way of changing at the drop of a hat. People lose jobs, find new jobs, remarry, or decide they want a change of scenery. All of these scenarios, however, can impact child custody in a big way. It is why you need to have a Huntsville child custody attorney on your side should any of these possibilities come to pass who will put the best interests of your children first while also considering your needs as a parent, too.

If a parent chooses to relocate, they must give the other parent 45 days’ notice. If the other parent decides to stay in Alabama but move more than 60 miles away from the current residence, the other parent may petition to stop the move from happening. A court will weigh various factors before denying the relocation and may, in some instances, switch the children’s primary residence to that of the other spouse. To protect your children’s interests and yours, call one of our Huntsville, Alabama child custody attorneys today. 

A Child Custody Attorney in Huntsville, Alabama Can Assist You With Modifying or Enforcing Your Current Agreement

Even if your child custody agreement appeared ironclad when you first signed it and you believed your child custody arrangement would be liveable, parents sometimes need to modify it later. Whatever the reason you need to do so, you should consult a child custody attorney in Huntsville, Alabama, to help you.

Sometimes, one or both parents refuse to follow some parts or all of their child custody arrangements. If that has happened to you, one of the skilled and experienced child custody attorneys located in our Huntsville, Alabama office can file the necessary petitions to enforce your existing child custody agreement. Contact us today. We are ready and eager to help.

Reach Out to Our Team of Huntsville, Alabama Child Custody Attorneys

You may feel apprehensive about speaking to your children’s other parent about child custody issues. Our Huntsville, Alabama team of child custody lawyers understand how you feel. We have compassion for what you and your children are experiencing and are here to make your divorce easier. Call Charlotte Christian Law today.


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