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Can dads win custody cases? Spoiler alert: Yes, they can. Find out how

Long gone are the days where mothers would be granted child custody almost automatically. As are the days where all mothers would be stay-at-home moms and all fathers would be breadwinners. Different families have different arrangements, and as much as we have stay-at-home moms and dads, there are parents who work from home, children who are homeschooled, etc.

As the roles in relationships have shifted, so has the perspective that the mother is always the best option for the kids. As I like to say to the fathers that come to my office:

Do not assume that just because you are a dad that you do not have the same rights to the children as the mother. Even some of the most conservative judges are awarding custody to fathers now. Talking to a well-trained custody lawyer is imperative if you want and have what it takes to raise your child or children.

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Tips for fathers who want to win custody cases:

If you want to win custody, you need to pay close attention to details. Even if it is possible, that does not mean it will be easy. Most of all, its a good idea you make sure that what you do is really in your child’s best interest.

Here are 6 tips you can set in practice to get your children’s custody, as a dad:

1. If you have superior earning power, use it to your advantage when presenting what you can do for the child or children.

2. If you have remarried, make sure you are with a motherly person who can help raise your child or children.

3. Make sure you have a lot of people who can testify as to your parenting skills and who will tell the court you are a great guy.

4. Be everywhere the kid is. If the kid has an event, you are there, sitting on the first row.

5. Be heavily involved in school events with the child. Make sure the teachers know you, have your cell phone number, and communicate with them two times per month at least concerning the welfare of your child.

6. Be ready to explain why the mother is not the best person to raise the child. If she drinks, get evidence. If she does drugs, get evidence. Be prepared with ammunition to help your attorney.

Keep in mind that there are several arrangements that could work for you and your children, so make sure you consider all your possibilities. Most of all, always keep the Child’s best interest in mind.

If you are a dad who wants custody, ask yourself these questions:

* Do you know the children’s doctors?

* Do you know the children’s dentist?

* Do you know the children’s teacher or daycare workers?

* Does the teacher or daycare worker know you?

* Are you involved in school events?

* Are you supportive of your children?

* Do you attend school events?

* Do you attend sports practices, games?

* Do you provide meals for the children?

* Do you do the children’s laundry?

* Are you actively involved in the education, school work, etc. for the children?

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