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All You Need to Know About Summer Co-Parenting

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Co-parenting is a great way to ensure that your children adjust to their new family situation. However, it can take some practice and patience. Read The Law Offices of Charlotte Christian and Associates’s blog to learn more about summer co-parenting. 

What is Co-Parenting?

Co-parenting is a way to share responsibilities between you and your former spouse. You and your child’s other parent work together on raising your children, with shared decisions about healthcare, schooling, and other significant aspects of your life. Co-parenting plans will vary for every family depending on child custody.

It is also a way to pull the focus back onto your children. It allows both you and your former partner to work together in a way that’s best for your kids and shows your children that teamwork is always possible.

While co-parenting is much easier during the school year, there are still many benefits to continuing the practice during holidays and breaks. Let’s work through some of the ways you can start summer co-parenting.

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Summer Co-Parenting

Now that we’ve discussed what co-parenting is and its benefits, let’s discuss how you can co-parent over summer vacation. It’s critical to remember that co-parenting is for the benefit of your children, and every family looks different. You may need to adjust some of these tools for your use.

Plan Together

It’s crucial to plan for the summer with your former spouse. Working together to decide the best course of action regarding vacations and visitation can prevent any headaches down the line, and sets a good example for your children.

Involve the Kids

Summer vacation is a big deal for your kids! In addition to planning with your ex-partner, you may benefit from involving your children in certain decisions. Ask them what they hope their summer looks like, and try to make it happen.

Decide Holidays

Even if you and your child’s other parent have previously discussed holidays and birthdays, it’s good to revisit it in the summer. With so many summer holidays, you may benefit from having an additional discussion about plans, transportation, and parenting responsibilities.

Manage Expectations

Managing expectations can be challenging, no matter your age. You and your family may benefit from honest conversations about what the summer holds with your kids. At the same time, you and your ex-spouse can also benefit from discussing your expectations.

Communicate Often

Without the school structure, it can be easy to forget to communicate with your former spouse. It’s critical to communicate early and often, especially during summer break. Make it a point to check in with your former spouse as often as needed.

Set Boundaries

Boundaries are crucial for your relationships with your former spouse and your children. It’s a good idea to discuss boundaries for last-minute plans and what the summer rules will look like for your kids. Try to keep rules the same in both households for consistency.

Determine Care

While figuring out childcare is not nearly as exciting as planning a vacation, it’s still an essential part of summer co-parenting. Depending on your child’s age, you and your former spouse may need to look into daytime programs for your children.

Share Costs

Discussing your financial plans is one of the most necessary chores of summer co-parenting. You and your ex-partner will need to decide how you will share the costs of summer camps, sports, new clothes, and any other expenses. 

Stay Flexible

In an ideal world, you and your ex-partner will have already discussed your summer plans with your children before the break starts. However, life happens! Remember to stay flexible and use good problem-solving skills

Revise Documents

Your divorce decree may include provisions for child custody over the summer – but if it doesn’t, it may be a good idea to speak with your divorce attorney to see how it should be amended. Having an official document can prevent any confrontations between you and your ex.

Speak to a Professional

Summer co-parenting is an excellent way to bond with your children, reconnect with them, and role model a healthy relationship with your former spouse. However, there is always a benefit to speaking with a legal professional if you have any questions.

An experienced Huntsville family law and divorce lawyer can help you work through the process and ensure that you are taking the proper steps. Here at The Law Offices of Charlotte Christian and Associates, we will help you give your family a better life. 

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