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Returning To Your Maiden Name In The Divorce

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Name Change After Divorce

In Alabama, the easiest way to return to a maiden or former name after a divorce is to make sure that the Divorce Decree contains the language that states you will be doing a name change.  If the divorce decree contains that order, that is the documentation you will need to make the name change.  You will need a “court stamped” copy of the order as proof of the name change.  In some cases, you may be asked for a “certified” copy of the Divorce Decree which you can obtain from the court clerk.  Once you present this official document, you can use it to have your name changed on your identification and personal records.

In the event, your divorce decree does not contain an order noting that you are restoring your former name, check with an attorney to see if the decree can be modified to include language restoring your former name.  Furthermore, you may still be able to change your name without the stipulation on your divorce decree, especially if you have verification of that name, such as a birth certificate or passport.

This website provides valuable information on changing your name and the costs to do so.

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Simply asking your attorney for help with your name change will let them know that this is something you wish to do. If you are filing for divorce in Huntsville and the other party in your case needs to do a name change, let your attorney know so that the proper documents can be filed with the court.

If you have already gone through a divorce and wish to get your former name restored, contact Huntsville divorce attorney Charlotte Christian in order to get this taken care of for you. We would be happy to assist you in going forward with a name change or other modification to the divorce decree. Contact us at (256) 776-7015 for more information on getting your name changed through the court.

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