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How to Change Lawyers During a Divorce

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Hiring a lawyer who you trust will advocate for you throughout the divorce process is an important decision. If you do not feel confident in your current divorce lawyer, it is possible to make a change.

The attorneys at The Law Offices of Charlotte Christian and Associates can review your case and determine how we can help. If you choose to change lawyers, we will guide you through the process and advocate for you through the rest of your divorce.

Signs Your Attorney Isn’t Working in Your Best Interest

Before deciding to change attorneys, it is important to determine if your lawyer isn’t isn’t meeting your expectations. Signs your attorney is not working in your best interest include:

  • Not returning your phone calls or messages promptly
  • Not advocating for you to receive alimony, if needed. Alabama Code §30-2-56 provides information on alimony you could receive during divorce proceedings.
  • Not keeping you informed of when they are making court appearances on your behalf, or not making it to court appearances
  • Not keeping you up to date on with your case
  • Not treating you professionally
  • Anything that makes you lose confidence in their abilities to represent you appropriately

Other Reasons to Change Your Divorce Attorney

If you and your current divorce attorney do not agree on the strategy being used, it may be time to change divorce lawyers. If your personality clashes with your current attorney and you are not seeing eye to eye on the divorce process and the outcome you want to achieve, seeking another attorney may be in your best interest.

Other reasons for changing your divorce lawyer may include:

  • Financial issues: Your current attorney’s rate will have an impact on your legal costs. Some attorneys take their time on your case, which could be costing you more money. You may need to search for a new lawyer who is more upfront about their fees.
  • Ethical concerns: There are some cases where you may believe your attorney is acting in an unethical manner. If this is the case, speak with another lawyer for a second opinion.

If you are starting to doubt your divorce lawyer’s ability to represent you, the attorneys at The Law Offices of Charlotte Christian and Associates will review your case and give you a second opinion. If you feel like the attorneys at our firm are on the same page as you, we would be happy to represent you through the rest of your divorce proceedings.

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We Can Handle the Process of Changing Attorneys

If you choose an attorney from our firm, we will walk you through the obligations needed to change attorneys. Your current attorney will need to be notified of the change. Our attorneys can reach out to them to inform them of the change. We will request that your file be transferred to our offices and begin reviewing what has occurred so far in the divorce proceedings.

We will file all paperwork informing the court of the change in representation. We understand changing counsel during a divorce can be a stressful process, and we want to make the change as smooth as possible.

At The Law Offices of Charlotte Christian and Associates, We Advocate For Our Clients

The attorneys at our firm work tirelessly to achieve a fair settlement for our clients. Our firm understands that divorces are stressful, so we work hard to help you reach a fair agreement.

The divorce attorneys at our firm will take care of all legal matters so you can move on with your life. If you have been working with a lawyer who does not protect your best interests, you deserve caring representation.

According to Alabama Code § 30-2-4, one or both parties in the divorce must have lived in the state for 6 or more months to file for divorce. If you meet these criteria, our firm will be able to represent you if you choose to change attorneys during your divorce.

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If You Are Considering Changing Lawyers, Contact Us For a Consultation

Changing lawyers can be a huge decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you are thinking about changing lawyers during a divorce, having a consultation with another lawyer might give you the information needed to make a decision. We can offer you the information you seek, and can help you through the rest of your divorce.

Our attorneys are prepared to handle difficult negotiations and disputes you may be having with your former spouse. If we are unable to come to an agreement, we are prepared to represent you through litigation. Contact us today for a consultation so we can answer your questions and explain the process of changing lawyers during a divorce.

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