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How Long does a Divorce Take in Alabama?

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In Alabama, a divorce can take months. How long yours takes depends on certain factors. Issues like the grounds for your divorce and any disputes you have with your spouse can slow things down. However, a lawyer from our firm can help with your divorce proceedings.

What Issues Can Slow Down a Divorce?

Several issues can slow down or stall divorce proceedings to make a divorce last a year or even longer. These issues include:

Whether the Couple or a Spouse Is a Resident of Alabama

In Alabama, at least one of the spouses must be a resident of the state to file for a divorce. If a couple is new to Alabama, they’ll have to wait six months or longer before they can file for a divorce.

The Kind of Divorce and Grounds for Filing the Divorce

Alabama residents can file for a fault-based or no-fault divorce. In a fault-based divorce, the grounds (the legal reason) could be adultery, marital violence, a spouse’s imprisonment for multiple years, or one of several other fault-based issues. In a no-fault divorce, the grounds may simply be incompatibility, or the couple growing apart. Typically, this kind of divorce takes less time to finalize.

Disputes Between Spouses

Even if you choose to file for a no-fault divorce, the divorce can’t be finalized by a court until you and your spouse resolve disputes between you two. For example, you may be arguing over custody of your children, ownership of property, or another issue. You should try to resolve disputes as soon as possible.

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What Can Speed Up a Divorce?

You and your spouse can do many things to speed up your divorce. Addressing some of the issues we’ve mentioned can help a lot. You can:

Choose to File for a No-Fault Divorce

In your case, depending on the circumstances, you may want to file for a fault-based divorce. A no-fault divorce may be faster, though, since you won’t have to go through the legal process of proving your spouse’s fault. Proving fault can take a lot of time, even with a lot of evidence and a lawyer supporting your case.

Resolve Your Spousal Disputes

If you can resolve your spousal disputes soon, your divorce may be much faster. However, you should try to resolve disputes with mutual respect and understanding, as well as consideration for your children.

Get the Services of a Divorce Lawyer

A divorce attorney from our firm can help you resolve any disputes you may still have with your spouse. In the process of mediation, your attorney will help you and your spouse communicate with each other, explain your needs, resolve issues, and come to fair agreements. Additionally, your attorney can help you file for a no-fault/uncontested divorce and will take care of any paperwork for you.

What Is an Uncontested Divorce?

An uncontested divorce is a divorce in which the spouses (and their lawyers) have already resolved disputes and settled on the terms of the divorce (such as custody and alimony). The lawyers will draft a settlement agreement, and one of the spouses will submit the agreement to the court in the other spouse’s county.

After this, a judge will review and likely approve the agreement. Since the entire process can be very fast, an uncontested divorce may be the kind of divorce you and your spouse should aim for.

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What Is Mediation in a Divorce?

Sometimes, it can be difficult for couples to resolve certain disputes. In such a case, a couple may hire a mediator. This is a neutral party that can help resolve disputes. A mediator can be a lawyer or another neutral party.

The mediator will discuss the issues with the couple and help them come to fair resolutions and agreements. This process is called mediation. Mediation can help speed up the divorce process and help a couple communicate and cooperate with each other before and even after the divorce. In your case, you and your spouse may find mediation invaluable.

If you choose a lawyer from our firm as your mediator, you can expect them to be very considerate and compassionate with you and your spouse. Your lawyer will also consider your children’s needs during negotiations.

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