published an article referencing Alabama Department of Public Health Center for Health’s Statistical Analysis Division-VITAL STATISTICS AT A GLANCE • ALABAMA 2014; included in this publication were fast facts about marriages and divorces. I found some of these facts quite interesting and while reading them, I found myself thinking about stories I have heard from other lawyers along the way. Needless to say, any family law attorney’s life is never without some interesting moments.

As divorce attorneys, of course, we encounter many unique personalities and marital situations. I should have begun a diary or journal in which I recorded the unique people I have met and their interesting stories.

During my sixteen years as a family law attorney, the oldest party whom I have seen in a divorce action was seventy-eight years of age. He had been married to the same woman for fifty five years! His situation was very close to the statistic for 2014 with the oldest male divorcee at age ninety-five; and the longest duration ending in a divorce as sixty years.

Another case involved a client whose wife had been married six times, and her last marriage ended in my client’s filing for a divorce after only two months. He discovered he was number seven! His wife was only one marriage away from tying the 2014 statistic of eight previous marriages.

I spend much of my practice counseling and assisting people with divorces. Interestingly, the report states that 37,945 divorces were filed in Alabama in 2014, and 18,504 divorces were recorded.

An intriguing statistic is that the most marriages occurred on February 14 (683) in Alabama in 2014. An interesting side note closely connected to this fact is that Judge William K. Bell, a retired in Madison County, Alabama, refused to issue any divorces on February 14!

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