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How Do I Know If A Contested Divorce In Alabama Is For Me?

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How will I know if a contested divorce in Alabama is for me? If you’ve ever asked yourself that question, then this article will provide some insight as to why you may have to file a contested divorce in Alabama with one of our skilled divorce lawyers.

If communication between yourself and your spouse has broken down and you have decided that divorce is the answer, the important information in this article is something you need to read.

Contested Divorce In Alabama

Filing for a contested divorce in Alabama means that there are some points of contention between you and your spouse when dealing with property division or child custody issues. In some cases, you are not able to sit down and work out the details of your divorce with your spouse and that’s okay. Not everyone has a marriage like the ones we’ve all seen on television. Our attorneys can help you with your divorce if there is a conflict or a degree of separation that prohibits contact with your spouse.

A contested divorce is right for you if your spouse does not agree on what you want to be done with the children, property, bank accounts, retirement accounts, or anything else in your divorce filing. If your spouse disagrees or wants custody of your children, the divorce will be contested.

If your divorce is contested, it will be up to your attorney to work out the differences in the hopes of reaching a settlement in your case. If a settlement is not able to be reached, a judge may order you and your spouse to appear at mediation. If mediation does not work out, a judge will eventually have the final say with regard to the division of property, homes, bank accounts, and any child custody or support issues you and your spouse have.

If your spouse is or has been abusive toward you in the past, then it is very likely that your divorce will be contested. If he or she does not want the divorce or refuses to sign the paperwork, there will be no question about whether or not your situation will be resolved amicably.

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Hiring An Attorney

Hiring a skilled and experienced family law attorney with The Law Offices of Charlotte Christian and Associates. will give you the benefit of having someone on your side who has dealt with many situations just like yours. Having a lawyer who has that level of experience is the key to great representation when things get difficult in your divorce case.

When you think about filing for divorce, you might always think that your divorce will be uncontested. The reality of the matter is that if things are not amicable between you and your spouse, then your chances are higher of having to go the route of filing for a contested divorce in Alabama.

To know for sure whether or not filing for a contested divorce in the state of Alabama is for you, reach out to one of our skilled Huntsville divorce attorneys for a consultation. Speak to a lawyer today by calling (256) 776-7015.

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