“Children are not possessions. You don’t “allow” the other parent extra time. When you say this, you imply that you think of your children as “things,” not humans.” –Author Unknown

Chapter 3, Title 30 in the Code of Alabama notes the laws about Alabama custody and visitation schedules. Below is some general information concerning custody and visitation.

Physical Custody

Physical custody determines where your child lives and how both parents share time with the child. That custody can be joint physical or sole physical custody. In joint physical custody, the child spends frequent and continuing contact with both parents; however, this type of custody does not necessarily mean that the child spends an equal amount of time with both parents. Sole physical custody is notes that your child lives with one parent and visits the other parent.

Custody and Visitation Schedule

Parents can agree to a custody and visitation schedule and present it to the Court. They should include weekday and weekend parenting time, holiday visitation, and summer break details in the schedule. Alabama courts encourage parents to work together to create a schedule in the best interest of the child and one that gives both parents frequent and continuing contact with the child.

If the parents cannot agree on a custody and visitation schedule, a judge will determine it. Alabama does not have a standard visitation schedule for the entire state. However, many counties, including Madison County, and circuit court judges have a standard schedule they order when the parents cannot come to an agreement on visitation.