These 10 Alabama divorce tips will keep things clear for you during the difficult contested divorce process. If you are considering filing for divorce in Huntsville, Alabama, things may get difficult as time goes on. Read the tips below and keep a cool head during the process.

Facing, enduring, and finalizing a divorce can be an overwhelming, and often traumatic, experience. You will find yourself filled with emotions and frustrations. When you are the one filing for a divorce, you should understand the process and the best manner in which to proceed with your plan to divorce.

Below are ten (10) Alabama divorce tips for you to consider as you begin the course of filing for an uncontested or contested divorce. For additional information and directives, contact one of our attorneys at Charlotte Christian Law, PC, in Huntsville, Alabama, at 256-776-7015.

Ten Alabama Divorce Tips

Know Your Financial Status Quo

When you are filing for divorce, you should have an understanding of your financial circumstances. This knowledge is not limited to the income and assets that you brought to the marriage. You should also know your spouse’s financial information, too. This includes, but is not limited to, information about bank accounts, retirement accounts, insurance policies, and investments. Your attorney may advise you to retain a financial professional to assist you in evaluating your current financial situation and in detecting your spouse’s assets.

Create An “After-The-Divorce” Budget

Your financial status will not be the same after your divorce is final—even if you were the primary financial provider during the marriage. You MUST create a budget that will reflect your finances once you are separated and divorced from your spouse. This step is even more important if you have relied heavily on financial support from your spouse.

Realize & Accept You Should Be Reasonable

Divorce is tough! Often divorce brings out the worst in “good” people. While you may find being amicable difficult during your divorce, work diligently at being fair and reasonable throughout the process. This is not the time to “get back” at or “get even” with your spouse. This may mean that you have to compromise on some of the difficult issues related to your divorce. Remember through these Alabama divorce tips that divorce can be challenging to all parties.

Consider Mediation

Your divorce does not have to be an antagonistic legal “battle”; you may consider mediation to resolve the issues in a divorce. In mediation, a third-party (usually an attorney) works with the parties to come to an amicable agreement about the issues in the divorce. This eliminates the need for a judge in a courtroom to make the final decisions on the issues. In most cases, this route will be cost-effective to you.

Make Children Be Your First Priority

If you have children, make them be your priority during the divorce. You should think about the children’s best interest in all aspects of your divorce. This includes determining with whom they will live and how visitation will be established. Be cognizant that a separation can be very psychologically trying for children. Therefore, NEVER argue with your spouse in front of your children. Neither should you disparage him or her to the children; after all, you are talking negatively about their mother or father. You should consider seeking assistance from a mental health professional to assist your children in coping with the divorce and the consequent changes in their lives.

Know The Laws For The Issues To Be Resolved

You should understand Alabama’s laws for alimony, property division, child custody, and support when filing for your divorce. Knowing these laws, which address your rights, can help you build a more effective case that will result in a settlement that is reflective of your best interest. Our Alabama divorce tips are only the beginning of a long strategy to reach your settlement. Retaining a competent family law attorney is highly recommended as he or she will already have a firm understanding of the Alabama law connected to divorce.

Maintain A Calm Demeanor

At all times during your divorce, remember to keep your composure. Outbursts of anger or hurtful words do additional damage to the relationship between your spouse and you. This relationship should be cordial, at best, because of the children who may be involved. Furthermore, if you demonstrate an inability to control your anger, the court may hesitate to give you primary custody of your children. Stay cool and calm!

Keep A Low Profile

During your divorce process, you should maintain a low profile. This means that your private life should remain private. Do not post any information about your divorce or your personal activities on social media. Any posts on Facebook or other sites CAN be used against you in Court. You’re actively seeking to put yourself in the spotlight could negatively impact your divorce settlement. Further, dating (on more than a casual basis) before the divorce is final is not recommended.

Seek A Counselor Or Therapist

You will probably say, “I am fine.” However, that is probably not the case. You may benefit from seeing a counselor or therapist with whom you can share your emotions during the divorce process. He or she will provide you with an outlet to express your feelings and can assist you with moving forward with your life.

Hire A Competent Alabama Divorce Attorney

Before you file for your divorce, you should contact an experienced Alabama family law or divorce attorney. That attorney will not only aid you in understanding your options during the divorce but he or she will also guide you through the laws involved and present the best practices when filing. At Charlotte Christian Law, PC, our knowledgeable attorneys are here to help you when you decide to file for divorce. We will skillfully represent you throughout the entire divorce process. Contact us today online or by phone for assistance.

We are confident that our Alabama divorce tips will guide you along the process of a contested or uncontested divorce. Connect with us today to discuss your situation in detail and learn what we can do for you.

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