The Beginning of the End

He is a great father and is watching his children grow.   Life is changing for his family, but he is working harder and harder and she’s not giving him the credit he deserves.  She doesn’t appreciate him. She doesn’t kiss him at night or care about his needs. He walks in, doesn’t even know if she will be home.  His mind wanders.

A light touch, the look, the smile is all he needs.

He works hard – pays the bills, adds nice touches to the house, hands her a credit card and gave his all to his family.

The grass is green, the lawn is pretty, she drives a nice car, they go on vacations, and yet – she hasn’t said “I love you” in over a month.

She raises her voice. Demands more and cares less.


Pressure on the marriage rises, her parents are involved. The writing is on the wall – He cannot live like this any longer.

Anxiety bubbles beneath the surface. He doesn’t want to hurt the kids even but she doesn’t want to change, she wants him to change to suit her.

His needs were simple:

  • Love and appreciation
  • A true partner
  • The soulmate he once had

He deserves a successful, happy life with good times with his kids and rewards for his effort.

He’s smart, driven, a good father and better than most dads.   He needs peace and happiness.

The bad news is that there’s no magic bullet.

The good news is that he can get the life the life he deserves which will ultimately make not only his life better, but his children’s lives better.   Children do not enjoy living in a horrible marriage either.

He’s  hungry for good advice but too often end up finding bad legal options.   Each friend tells him something different.   Lawyers he calls do not seem to care.   He gets frustrated and does not know where to go for help.

The process at Charlotte Christian Law is different – promise.

We have a dynamic, well managed practice, that focuses on our clients needs and how we can help them get the most out of the worst.
We have figured out what works and how to get the life back that our clients want and deserve.   Our owner, Charlotte Christian has built the divorce firm to help people just like him.

We help hundreds of clients each year start over and rebuild their lives.   We would love to help you too.

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Charlotte Christian did an outstanding job handling my complicated divorce. I could not of asked for a better outcome. Knowledgable and professional attorney providing exceptional service.