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Located in the north central region of Alabama, Birmingham is one of the most populated and well-known cities in the state. With an estimated 209,000 residents, the southern city has many things to see and is one of the top cities for arts and culture. People can visit the Birmingham Museum of Art to marvel at the impressively vast collection of paintings, sculptures, prints, drawings, and decorative arts representing various cultures and time periods. If you enjoy being outdoors, strolling through the 67.5-acre Birmingham Botanical Gardens will leave you inspired by nature’s beauty. This city is also home to some of the best legal minds, and anyone searching for a divorce lawyer in Birmingham, Alabama has come to the right place.

A qualified divorce lawyer gains credentials upon having passed rigorous and comprehensive law exams and The Alabama Bar Examination. The right person to represent you as your divorce lawyer is someone who works hard and has extensive experience working on numerous court cases. That said, hiring a lawyer who is not experienced in divorce law can do more harm than good for your case. Because not all lawyers are skilled at handling divorce cases, you will need to tread carefully when determining how to find the best divorce lawyer in town.

The reality is that divorce has become a normal part of life. A couple can have hopes and dreams when they first get married, but with time, the reality of the marriage leads one or both of them to file for divorce. Some divorces may be amicable, but there are other divorces where the couple is not able to come to an agreement on how everything should be divided.

They may have trouble deciding how the property should be split, whether there will be joint custody of their children, and whether one parent needs to provide financial support to another. These are just some of the difficult topics that a couple going through a divorce will need to think about, which is why it is not surprising that most people get stressed by the divorce process.

Couples in Birmingham contemplating divorce should take the divorce laws into consideration and look for the best divorce lawyers near me. While Alabama has complicated rules about divorce and family law that will affect the process, an experienced divorce attorney has a good understanding of these laws and can therefore help clients navigate the process. Anyone going through a divorce should try their best not to make a mistake during the divorce process, as advised by their counsel, as it may lead to further financial complications or losing custody of their children.

These are some of the reasons why someone filing for divorce should seek the services of a divorce lawyer. Upon a Google search for “good divorce lawyer near me” or “divorce consultant near me,” you can rest assured that your divorce case will be handled by a divorce lawyer trained and experienced in divorce law. Ultimately, by working with our firm, you will be able to receive help from lawyers who can represent you in a competent manner. We thoroughly understand the divorce laws in Birmingham and will work hard to get you the results you are hoping to obtain. Retaining our law firm ensures that your divorce will be handled by a top divorce lawyer.

Divorce Attorney in Birmingham, Alabama

Here are some of the types of cases handled by a divorce attorney:

Divorce – Having the right legal representation is very helpful during divorce proceedings. Hiring a skilled Alabama divorce lawyer is one of the best ways to be aware of the legal steps to take. If you have any questions to ask a divorce attorney, they will give you the answers you are seeking. Some divorces may take a long time, and this can be expensive for you as your spouse may end up benefiting from your costly mistakes.

However, having a divorce attorney who is thorough, and a competent negotiator can help the process move along even when the other party tries stalling tactics. Our lawyers are experienced in handling all types of divorce cases, whether they are uncontested or contested divorces.

It is important to have the best divorce attorney near me on your side standing with you during this difficult time. You can count on our office to represent you from the moment the application is filed until the judge grants the dissolution of marriage. Since we understand the process, we will know when it is the right time to fight for your legal rights.

Child custody – Couples going through a divorce may also need to determine who will get custody of the children. During a child custody case, nothing is more valuable than ensuring the safety and wellbeing of any children that may be caught in the middle. Many of us have heard of how an embittered spouse of a friend has used the children as a pawn during a divorce. Our law office can help should you find yourself in a similar situation.

Even if the divorce is amicable, it can be a difficult time deciding whether the parents will have joint custody or whether this will be a case of only one parent having sole custody. With child custody, your lawyer will help you work out how often the children in the marriage will see either parent as part of the custody arrangement.

Some people going through a divorce may not realize that a smooth transition of the divorce is not only good for them but is also helpful for the children. An experienced lawyer by your side can work with your spouse and their legal team to come to an arrangement that is beneficial to the children. Keep in mind that legal representation is needed to help determine if your spouse is really able to take care of your children and to begin the steps to make sure these little people in your life are protected.

Paternity – Paternity cases are also very common. This can happen during a divorce in which the father of the child would like a paternity test to determine if the children are biologically his. It might be that he simply wants to know whether they are his biological children before any child support is paid out. In other cases, a paternity test can be requested if the wife had an extramarital affair. At the Charlotte Christian Law, we are able to provide legal representation as DNA testing is ordered to establish paternity.

Once the results are confirmed, our experienced lawyers can offer guidance for the next step to request child support from the spouse or from the biological father of the child. Establishing paternity may seem like only taking a DNA test, but the results do not only establish someone as the biological father but also the legal father. This will grant parental rights over a child, and having a divorce attorney near me skilled in paternity cases will not only help smooth out the process but limit the amount of disruption to the child’s life. Speak to one of our lawyers to help with your case.

Alimony – Alimony or spousal support is another difficult part of the process of dissolving a marriage. For some couples, this may be a straightforward process. For other people, the spouse filing for divorce may need financial support from the other spouse. This could be the situation you find yourself in, and alimony payments will provide the financial safety net you need after the divorce.

Your spouse may be reluctant to give you money if you are in the process of dissolving the marriage. This is why you need to have a qualified divorce attorney. They can stand by your side and speak on your behalf as to why you will need alimony for a short time, whether for a few months or a couple of years. At this stage, it is all about having the right lawyer who will know how to represent you in court and be persuasive to have alimony granted on your behalf.

Our divorce attorneys are experienced in these types of cases and know how to show a judge the right evidence for them to understand how the divorce will affect you financially, and show them that you should be granted alimony because of your financial responsibilities. This is an important discussion you can have during your divorce attorney consultation.

Termination of parental rights – One of the types of cases we handle is parental rights cases. These are not just during divorce cases, but it is something that we now see a lot of. Every parent has specific rights according to family law, and the state of Alabama has outlined what rights a parent is entitled to. In certain cases, a parent may want to prevent the other parent from exercising their parental rights.

You may need help in having the rights of the other parent revoked if their actions threaten the emotional and physical health of your children. You may be the parent who is being taken to court to have your parental rights revoked for one reason or the other. In other cases, we have seen some parents who would like to give up their parental rights.

Just by reading these scenarios, it is easy to see how convoluted a parental rights case can be. As a result of the numerous and complex cases we deal with, it is safe to say that retaining our services during a parental rights case is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

Visitation – Another type of case we handle is visitation. This is a key component of family law cases. It is during child custody or parental rights cases that visitations are discussed. During the divorce, it could be decided that a child will live full-time with one parent and have visits with the other parent. This is all part of the visitation rights of a parent, and the court will determine a schedule.

Parental visitations may also be decided by the court to be either supervised or unsupervised visits. An unsupervised visit means no one else needs to be around when the children spend time with the parent. In some cases, the court may decide on an unsupervised visit but also restrict the visit to only during the day, and the child must be taken back home before a specific time.

A supervised visit is a potential outcome of a divorce case. This happens when there is a concern that the other parent is not able to properly care for the child, for example, if there is domestic violence or the other parent has an addiction. The supervised visits may be overseen by a family member or friend, or in very serious cases, at a court-sanctioned facility.

Our attorneys have handled lots of visitation cases and possess years of experience. Regardless of where you stand in your visitation case, we are able to represent you to ensure your legal rights are not being infringed.

Separation– Some couples may go through a separation, and we can help you in this case. A separation does not mean that the marriage is dissolved. It is a court order that allows two people to still be legally married but live separately. This is what is known as a legal separation. A legal separation is an alternative for couples who prefer to remain married but want to live apart. It is also essential before filing for a divorce to know when separation has occurred and one spouse has left the marital home.

Prenuptial agreements– There was a time when suggesting a prenuptial agreement might have been considered an insult to the person whom you were planning to marry. But with more cases of divorce and people amassing wealth before they get married, it is now viewed as common sense to determine beforehand how the assets will be divided.

Keep in mind that the state of Alabama is what is known as an “equitable division” state. This means that if two people going through a divorce are not able to decide how to split their marital assets, the judge will step in and split the assets in a way the court believes is fair. Having a prenuptial agreement can change this.

Having the court decide how the assets will be divided may result in you losing out as the court will make a judgment based on what they think is fair and not necessarily what is fair to you. You will not have control over the process when the court has to make the decision.

Having our top divorce lawyer help you design a prenuptial agreement is the best way to avoid this scenario. The agreement will outline who gets what and how the property will be divided in case of a divorce. Our law firm can help you retain your hard-earned assets.

Birmingham, Alabama Divorce Attorney

Some people might not think they need to speak to divorce attorneys about their case. They might want to wait until there is a problem or only consult one if there is something they do not understand. They might even try to figure it all out on their own.

However, we highly recommend meeting with an experienced law firm with ‘expert divorce attorneys near me’ to have one’s case heard.

An initial consultation gives you an opportunity to describe your situation to a group of great divorce attorneys near me and have them suggest the next plan of action. You may be tempted to go with another lawyer that a friend used but not all divorce cases are the same, and as we have advised so many people in the past, making a mistake during this legal process can be detrimental.

You can set up your consultation by contacting our law office. You will sit down with one of our attorneys and have your questions answered. This is a chance to gain a better understanding and clarity about your legal rights.

Some people may wonder, “Should I tell my divorce lawyer everything?” Well, withholding information that you might not think is important can have adverse effects down the line when the information is revealed and it negatively affects your case. It is essential to be open with your divorce attorney about the details of the case and let them decide if the information is important to help reach the desired outcome.

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