How To Win When Returning To Work After Divorce

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If you put your career on hold for several years to raise a family, or maybe didn’t start a career at all, you may feel unprepared for entering the workforce. However, going back to work after divorce is a great opportunity for a fresh start. Returning to work after divorce is a chance to meet […]

What Should I Ask For In a Divorce Settlement?

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Creating a divorce settlement that leaves both you and your ex-spouse happy and secure is a delicate balance between the wants and needs of both parties. Compromise may be the last thing on earth you want to do, but a fair and equitable divorce settlement will save you time, energy, and frustration in the years […]

Navigating Complex Financial Issues in Alabama Divorce

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Divorce Tips For Achieving The Best Financial Outcome Divorce Tip #1: Don’t Let Emotions Dictate Your Decisions “Emotional Intelligence is a social skill that can help you become more aware and tactful in understanding and handling your own emotions as well as the emotions of others. Benefits of emotional intelligence include, but are not limited […]

Is My Alimony Periodic Alimony or Alimony in Gross?

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That was the question in a recent case where an Alabama couple was divorced in 2013 with a settlement agreement reached by the parties. The divorce provided that the husband was to pay to the wife $500 each month for eight years as alimony in gross. In addition, the judge ordered the husband to maintain […]

Alabama Spousal Support Information

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Spousal Support Alabama: Alimony is the most commonly known term, but spousal support and maintenance are also used. Alabama courts have certain factors to consider in the award of alimony, but the consideration of these factors is at the court’s discretion, not mandatory. If any or all factors are considered, the weight given to each […]