Alimony HuntsvilleSpousal Support, or Alimony, is a complicated issue that is often overlooked. If you are a dependent spouse, you may be entitled to spousal support as ordered in the divorce decree. Spousal support determinations can be complex because of the substantial discretion given to the court. You will be at an advantage to retain an experienced Divorce Attorney who can effectively present your case for (or against) spousal support. To ensure that you receive the best outcome possible, we will develop an alimony strategy that is right for you.

Our Divorce Attorneys will provide impactful representation and will fight for your best interests. Get the spousal support that you deserve. To speak to our experienced Divorce Attorney, please contact us at (256) 859-7277 to set up a consultation. We provide family law representation throughout the state and have law offices in Huntsville & Birmingham, Alabama.

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What Alabama Family Courts Will Consider When Determining Alimony

• The range of each parties’ earning ability
• The customary standard of living established during the marriage
• The earnings and money-making skills of each party
• The amount of devoted time to domestic duties and child rearing at the expense of a party’s career pursuits
• The obligations and assets, including separate property, held by both parties
• The length of the marriage
• The ages of the parties
• The ability of the supported spouse to obtain lucrative employment
• A documented history of domestic violence in the marriage
• The need of a time period required for the supported spouse to pursue further education or training to gain employment for support
• The ability of the party who has the higher earnings to pay support

Get The Spousal Support That You Deserve. Our Divorce Attorneys Will Fight For You.

Our Alabama Divorce Attorneys will develop a strategy to ensure that you are protected. You don’t have to go through this alone and you don’t have to be bullied by your ex. You have rights and we can help protect those rights and enforce what is best for you. Let us use our experience navigating through the family court system to obtain the spousal support that is owed to you. Let us use that experience and our compassion to find the right solution for you. Our two primary locations are: Huntsville and Birmingham, Alabama. Call today for a consultation at 256-859-7277.

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