Child Support

Child Support HuntsvilleChild support is designed to support a child’s overall well-being. In Alabama, both parents are required to contribute to the support of their child. When families are in emotional turmoil, support is also an issue that most parents have trouble coming to an agreement on their own. At Charlotte Christian Law, we provide a strong legal advocacy for parents, both mothers and fathers. Our Family Attorney will develop the right strategy to ensure that your child receives the financial support they deserve, that is fair to both parents and the circumstances of the case, regardless of where you reside.

Family Law Child Support Services In Alabama & Out of State

Support is complex. In Family Law, we see child support orders in various stages: initial filings, modifications, enforcement, and out-of-state child support. We also see and advocate for parents in support matters requiring a preliminary paternity determination.

When To Call A Family Attorney For Help To Collect Support

♦ Have your circumstances changed? Do you need a support modification?
♦ Are you having trouble paying support? Or, paying too much support?
♦ Do you need help with support enforcement? Or, are you receiving too little?
♦ Is your child support case out-of-state?
♦ Are you in the military paying support for your child or children? Or, the ex-spouse of a service member?
♦ Does your support order need to be terminated?
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Alabama Family Law Office Locations

We have offices in Huntsville, Birmingham, and Fyffe, Alabama and welcome the opportunity to speak with you and help in any way that we can. For an in-person or phone consultation with a family lawyer, please call us at 256-859-7277.  Our team of dedicated professionals are able to assist you with any questions that you may have about child support, enforcement, out of state cases, and more. Give us a call and see the difference that we can make in your life.


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